Bottega veneta ball bag

  1. If you have one, can you please post a picture of yourself wearing the bag. Would like to see how it particulary fits over your shoulder. Will also welcome any opinions on this bag. Many thanks....
  2. I don't have one, but I know some members do, so I'll bump this for you, belen. :biggrin:
  3. I'll try to post a photo for you today.

    It fits perfectly over the shoulder. I love it because its just one strap. The hole is large enough to fit over jackets too. Its a great bag because it has so many little compartments. One large main compartment, small zipper inside that then there are two on each side for smaller items like keys, cell phone.

    Here's a group shot of my BV's with my ball that I had posted awhile ago.
  4. ^ Lovely bags, bagsforme. :yes:

    I love BV! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  5. Thanks Chloehandbags for bumping this post.

    Bagsforme, your BV's are gorgeous! Really love your brown ball bag.I'm debating whether to get this one or a medium paddy in cream.
  6. Here you go. Hope it helps you decide. The paddy and the ball are completely different so it just depends on what you like better. The ball is much larger, lighter. Both have lots of pockets which I love. You can find the paddy on sale. The ball rarely goes on sale. I think you can wear both for a long time but the BV is more classic. Hard choice. Why not get both?!
  7. Those are gorgeous ladies!
  8. Bagsforme, thank you very much for taking the time to take that picture. The bag is very really lovely and it fits perfectly well over the shoulder. It's going to be quite a tough decision to choose between this one and the paddy. I might be able to get both down the road but not at the same time. I'm leaning towards the BV more right now though. I just love the softness and the buttery feel of the BV leather and how light it is. On the other hand, I haven't really seen a paddy IRL but I love the style just by looking at the pics posted at the Chloe subforum. I think I may have to take a trip to NM to see if they have one. So far I've only seen the Bettys in our local NM but not the paddys.
  9. i think the bv is a great choice especially the ball bag. it's very comfy to wear and light even with a bunch of stuff in it.
  10. The leather is great on both. If your looking for something light then its def the BV. The paddy fits over the shoulder too but not as comfortable because its two straps and the drop isn't very long. Good luck in your choice. You'll be happy with either.
  11. I'd go for the ball bag because it's such a classic and really comfy.
    I've a ball and had a Paddie and I use my BV much more than the Paddie so that I sold the Paddie. Paddies always go on sale so I'd buy the ball bag now and in May/June when the Chloes go on sale again I'd buy the Paddie. The Ball never goes on sale. BV just reduces the unpopular seasona styles but not black, white or brown Ball bags or woven hobos.
  12. the ball is such a classic, and great on any body shape - that's the one I'd go with - it's a wardrobe staple
  13. This is my 2 cents...

    I purchased a Ball bag but found that the wide strap wasn't so great on my shoulder. I didn't like how it looked "squished" under my arm either. But the Ball is great it has more of a "bottom" than the regular Hobos that have a center seam. I liked the Hobo but thought that they were too "flat."

    Recently I went to a BV store and found the perfect bag for me--it's the Campana. It's got a "bottom" like a Ball but has thinner straps--it's actually got two shoulder straps. The only downside is that it doesn't have a zipper closure but since it sits under my arm, I don't think you could actually reach into the bag. The Campana isn't as common.
  14. bagsforme--your BV bags are gorgeous!!! Love the Cocker. The ball bag looks perfect on you. How did I miss the post with this pic before??:confused1:

    wickedassin--on my next trip to BV, I'm looking at the Campana for myself. I think it's a style I would use a lot.
  15. I saw the ball bag at the BV boutique this past weekend, an I think it's a functional, and classic bag. It's very gorgeous. I'd go for this one instead of the paddy. Just my humble opinion.:smile: