Bottega Veneta bags for fall - pics

  1. As usual, Bottega Veneta is offering some fabulous bags. What do you think? I LOVE the first one. I just wish it came with silver hardware.:sad:




    BV bags seem to be going up in price, huh? Maybe because the bags are bigger for fall? :huh:
  2. I love the last one!!! ahh the price tag!!
  3. Gorgeous: I love the first and third bags!
  4. I like the third one! Beautiful!
  5. They're all gorgeous! Bottega woven leather is sooooo beautiful! I esp. love the first one's color!
  6. Drooooooool!! Love the second one.
  7. They are calling that color "pompeii red.":love:
  8. Yes!!! Both fantastic.
  9. I love the 2nd and 3rd ones - OMG those price tags!!! I can forget it.
  10. pretty bags that I cannot afford.. i guess I can just look.. hehe
  11. :heart: the second one. thanks for posting kat.
  12. Thank-you KAT!!!!!!:yes: I love the first one.:heart:
  13. LOVE all of them! I liked the colorfullness of their ss line too, but these are so beautiful!
  14. Love them all, but the last one - OMG! SO beautiful :heart:3
  15. the first one is just :nuts: :nuts: