Bottega Veneta at Filene's Basement...old style or fake?

  1. I was in Filene's Basement today and saw a very nice BV for $400 (they claimed it retailed for $1500). It is a classic, small/medium sized black hobo with only the strap having the nice weaved leather - the rest of it was the nice supple leather they are famous for with a magnetic closure. I'm pretty sure its authentic as it is beautiful quality and has the suede lining BUT the reason I question its authenticity is that I can't find anything currently from the BV line that is such, is it just a really old model? The other thing that makes me wonder a little bit is that they also had a canvas Blvgari purse in the same cabinet (I thought they only did jewelry and perfume!!)

    Thoughts? I have this on hold until tomorrow morning. Thanks so much!
  2. Bottega can be tricky to authenticate. Their website and catalog do not have all the styles. I've seen many additional style bags in their boutiques, so it's hard to compare. They don't have holograms, either. I haven't seen the style you are describing, but it doesn't mean it's a fake. Their leather is incredibly soft. Is the seam that runs around the bag braided? the woven hobos have a braided/twisted seam, but I don't know about a smooth leather one. I think the new bags are stamped inside "BOTTEGA VENETA", and beneath in smaller letters is "MADE IN ITALY", no metal label inside. Is the magnetic closure covered with leather? I'm just trying to think of features on the bags I've seen recently and the last one I bought.

    Maybe someone will come along who has more experience with BV than I do.
    It sounds like a beautiful bag.
  3. Bottega has done "mixed" pieces in the past where the body of the bag is their super soft, pebbly leather and then the handles have braided detail on top and the underside is soft leather. It's sorta hard to tell whether or not it's authentic without photos, especially since BV makes lots of combos that aren't on their website...
  4. Thanks - from what both of you say, I think it is authentic as it has the strap you described (braided detail on top with soft leather underside) and leather covering the magnetic clasp. Not to mention the leather is softer than any other purse I've handled! Having said that, I assume $400 is a good deal (with a coupon I found it'll be $320).
  5. Can you return the item? I say get it at that price and post pics! It sounds like a great deal!
  6. ^^ i will be very doubtful if i find a bottega bag at $400.. its not worth the risk
  7. I disagree. In their boutiques, their small woven bags start at $560 and they have very good sales at end of season. So a smooth (the woven leather is so labor-intensive) bag with some woven detail in a med/small size could be discounted to Filene's for that price. The way you describe the softness of the leather just about clinches it for me (that it's authentic). And if there's a return policy (on the possibility that it's not authentic), I'd go ahead and buy it. It sounds like a beautiful purse.
  8. Hello again. I ended up buying the purse - Filene's has a 30 day return policy if I change my mind. I honestly believe it is the real deal - perfect leather and workmanship, not a stitch out of place and it has the dustbag and control card. It is a very simple design and, like Boxermom said, did not need as much labour time to make it as do the 100% woven ones. I tend to think it was an "entry" model for BV....but I will take pictures and post (assuming I figure out how to transfer the photos from the phone to my computer).

    As a side note, if this is a fake, whoever made it should really use their talent to start their own line as the workmanship and materials are amazing.
  9. ^Filene's Basement Does Not Sell Fakes ~ You Are Getting The Real Deal!!!

    Enjoy Your New BV!!!! :smile:
  10. Sandra, I'd love to see photos of the bag. I don't know how to post photos yet, so I couldn't even show anyone my own BV's lol. It sounds lovely-their leather is wonderful and holds up very well.
  11. Oooh!!

    Pics please!! :yes:
  12. I wouldn't worry about it if you got it from Filene's Basement, especially if the materials and quality is as awesome as you say. Filene's Basement doesn't sell fakes, and if someone returned a fake and it ended up on the sales floor, the quality wouldn't be up to snuff. Enjoy your new BV bag. Wear it in good health, and don't forget pics if you can. :yahoo:
  13. What what a deal! Please do post pics, I'd love to check it out. I might have to check mine too!
  14. Wow, sounds like you got a great deal!

    The BV's I've seen have a paper tag inside printed on both sides, one side with a long number with letters in the older styles, and some of the newer ones I've seen have printed numbers split into 3 blocks. Maybe check for that too?
  15. I definitely have to post some photos (haven't cut off the tag yet :yes: being a return queen and all)....there is no paper tag on the inside - any chance that the really really old BV's don't have a tag? The only BV indicator on the bag is the stamp on the interior leather with their name and "made in italy" in a smaller font below.