Bottega Veneta anyone?

  1. Anyone into Bottega vaneta? I got this from - they are legit if anyone wants a great sight!Many great choices of designers!
    more handbags 009.jpg more handbags 008.jpg more handbags 007.jpg more handbags 010.jpg
  2. great purchase, i'm glad they've gotten more popular recently because the styles are so classic and the quality so high. i love it when a brand gets trendy for the right reasons!
  3. Love the rich leather!!! Good buy!!! :amuse:
  4. I :heart: you for :heart:'ing this brand. Like Irissy said, the leather is ammmazzing.
  5. Great! I love the BV leather. I have a bag very similar to that in a fuschia color :biggrin:
  6. ^^BTW, you asked, Noriko, about the selling price for my older BV. The store is selling it for $500. But remember, mine is about three years old and a bit usage soiled.
  7. I absolutely love this bag. The leather is amazing and gorgeous!
  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!!:love: The leather is special. It feels special to wear, low key and sublime.

    Did you check out the sight? They have 4 spy bags now! It's slightly overpriced, but if you want a particular color of bag, they often have the rare ones! I needed this bag in black and could not find it anywhere else! Sometimes, it's worth the extra charge.