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  1. I need some input.... I don't know how to do the whole photobucket thing--so bear with me on the links...

    Does anyone know what color this purse is?

    I don't think it's the Hazelnut that's on the NM website... Which is this one:

    I really like the color on the BV website, but I'm not sure what it's called. There's not a BV store near me, so any input would be helpful.

    Also, does anyone have or know someone who has a BV that's like 5+ years old and has been used a bit? Does the hobo style sag? Do the edges of the strips of leather fray? I'm trying to find a more "timeless" look, but I'd hate to spend this much on a bag that's just going to sag and stretch a great deal. Thanks!
  2. The Ball bag on the BV site is from the RESORT COLLECTION, the color is NUT. THe new spring collection is HAZELNUT, lighter shade of brown.
    Here is my tone on tone ball bag from 2005 season. I will be getting the HAZELNUT from NM in march!
    All BV bags seem to age beautifully to me. I love them!

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  3. Thanks Star! Do you know if the Nut from the Resort Collection is still available? Or if it's gone on sale?! My local Nordstrom carries BV, but I think they only have black and chocolate--the standards....
  4. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that the NUT on the BV site is limited and will not be produced again for spring. My sister-in-law just received the NUT ball bag. I have not seen her yet, she said it is to DIE for! I will try and make her E-mail me a PIC!
  5. Ohhh! Thanks for telling me that the Nut will not be reproduced.... Maybe I can see if my Nordy's can do a special order. I'd just like to avoid dealing with shipping.

    If you get a pic, I'd love to see it! I'm trying to figure out if it's a n olive greenish color...
  6. My sister-in -law said it was lighter in color than the picture on the BV site. No mention of olive tone though. She cancelled her order for the HAzelnut saying it was too close to her new NUT ball bag color. She has so many BV's....drool
  7. Thanks for the description! How long has the nut been out? Do you have any idea if it's close to going on sale... Seems like resort could be phased out in most stores/lines within the next month since spring items usually come in around late feb/early march. What do you think?

    I'm starting to contemplate doing the 2 hour drive to the closest BV store to see if they have it this weekend! I pre-ordered the Fendi shoulder B Bag and even put myself on my local NM's waiting list for it. But now I'm starting to do a 180. I always look at the BV's and I'm thinking that "it" purses don't have as much lasting power as time goes by...