Bottega Veneta Ad Campaign Archives - Pics and Information

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    From jburgh: This thread, originally started in 2007, was merged and modified on 1/9/2010. This is the place you will go to find old and current BV ad campaign pictures.

    I found some old campaigns on the web, I thought they were interesting to see in terms of how they represent the esthetism of the brand. :p Plus they're dreamy!

    The first two were found on this site and are apparently from august 2005
    A Christy Turlington Gallery : 2005 a

    The other one is from here
    I'm sorry that I got fat (-Wesley Willis Fiasco)




    I'll try to find some more! (Waaaay too much time on my hands apparently! )
  2. So so so in :heart: with this picture :love:

  3. Intrigue... mystery... Passion!! :upsidedown:

  4. boudoir, thanks for posting these..I esp love the last pic.
  5. BV has the best advertisments. Thanks to everyone who has posted!!
  6. Thank you boudoir for posting. I bet we can all imagine being like the models in the ad and living a life like that, with all the clothes and bags :graucho:
  7. I'm screwed, so so sooooo screwed ... Now i have to somehow figure out a way to establish a bank account for BV as well ...

    So many fabulous bags, so little money ...
  8. I personally like the Spring/Summer 07 ads the best!! It's the couple one currently on their website. :biggrin:
  9. Love the ads, thanks for posting them.
  10. Love seeing all the gorgeous bags!! Okay sure, I don't mind looking at the luxurious homes and clothes either! Love that top with the weave in it!! Sigh! :love:
  11. love those photos.. thanks for sharing!!
  12. anyone knows which season this ad is for??