1. Hello everyone, I recently saw a scarf with butterflies in one of the Bottega boutiques. I am looking for a scarf for the winter, something soft with a combination of cashmere.. Any ideas or pics? Thank you in advance :smile:
  2. Hi mdsa, I love the butterfly silk scarf!!
    I'm quite new to BV and only scarves that I remember are "Hand-Painted Cashmere Tartan Scarf" in the fall-winter 07-08 catalogue. Hope others chime in soon.
  3. I"l be honest, while BV is my absolute love, when it comes ot cashmere scarves, no one does it like Loro Piana does it. :smile:

    Not to blaspheme! Sorry ladies!
  4. Haha... you just reminded me to bring my Loro Piana scarf out of the closet. I bought one this summer when I was in Italy. Almost forgot it :p
  5. Oh Mediana I wish! I fell in love with one from the winter catalog last year, and no one in the DC area carried it or could order it and poor kronik has been searching for it ever since!
  6. Hi there,

    I am the manager of the SF boutique. Currently, I have about 6 cashmere/silk scarf styles in stock. Light grey with black nail heads at random. camel with a few orange butterflies. Camel with orange butterflies throughout. tan with grey/green butterflies. and several plaids in various colors.

    Call if you need more details.

    BV SF
  7. ^^ The retail people have found us! Yikes!
  8. Oh wow. That is scary!
  9. I haven't seen one yet!
  10. Yes, we found you! LOL
    Actually you found us. We have had several PF groups meet in our SF boutique to meet for the first time. Lots of new friends have been made that way. We love to go through the collection with the groups and hear everyones feedback. In most cases the feedback is good. You see, I have several reports to write on a monthly basis that involves clients feedback. So these meeting help me with that. When in the area please stop in. Oooo, wait until you see the new cruise collection. So beautiful. Sexy without looking cheap.
  11. Sama Do you have any pics of the shawls?
  12. what styles are available by Bottega Veneta? pics? i tried to look up on the official website but there was no mention of scarves....
  13. how do the BV scarfs compare against Hermes cashmere or the Loro Piano? (in terms of patterns, and prices)
  14. i tried looking Bottega scarves up online but all i get are fakes :sad:

    is there no place online where i can check out and buy scarves from Bottega.
  15. I'd love to see pictures too!