Bottega prices in Italy

  1. Am going to be in Rome next week ... are Bottega bags more or less expensive there than in North America? (I live in Toronto and prices here are ridiculously higher than in the US, especially considering that our dollar is now worth more than theirs... makes no sense to buy it here!)

    Thanks for all advice!
  2. IIRC prices in Italy is the cheapest as BV is made in Italy. Grab whatever you can there! It's like buying LV in France. Gogogogo!
  3. Thank you!!! I suspected because when I was there two years ago, Tod's was way cheaper. I LOVE BV, but it's incredibly pricey in Toronto. I am hoping I might convince a friend who lives there to do a road trip from Rome to Florence to go to the outlet store there.... but it's a lot of driving. And I may get what I want in the city from the current styles and at least know it's costing me less than it would here! Can't wait! (Or as I said to my friend, "Ruins, shmuins! Take me shopping!")
  4. I'm jealous! Enjoy your trip, and please be sure to share with us your purchases!!
  5. Thanks, Bunkie. Prices here in Toronto are SO much higher than in the US, that I think the Italian pricing will seem even that much cheaper by comparison. The ones I have my eye on are the intrecciato club stripe duffel (haven't even seen it here) and the Milano club stripe montaigne with the red and peach leather. They do have that one in Toronto but only in the beige and black. Online price (US$) is $3550; in Toronto it's just under $5,000. Which is completely ridiculous given that our dollar is now worth more than the US dollar. I don't know how much of a factor import duties play but I am scratching my head wondering what leather industry a high tariff is protecting here in Canada!!

    Anyhow, I am going to try to convince my friend to make the trek from Rome to the outlet store in Florence but I might just bite the bullet and buy at the store.... It will be my first BV bag and I am really excited. The leather is AMAZING.
  6. I think LV s about the same everywhere!
  7. It's interesting to read what the pricing is around the world. And these days, with the internet, it's easier than ever for us to know what things cost where...!
  8. I bet you already checked out the thread about prices around the world, mistikat, where we all agreed that BVs are way cheaper here in Europe. BUT: Our Euro is so sky-high right now, the exchange rate might ruin it all. I just checked on a BV tote I`m interested in and it`s about 100 Euro cheaper in the US than here after conversion!!!

    So, unless you get a whole lot of tax back, it might not be so interesting anymore to shop in Europe for you guys from the US and Canada!
  9. Ooo, is the striped club duffle the one in the men's catalog? I am inexplicably drawn to that bag, maybe because of the color combination or the shape. Hope you find it and at a great price!
  10. Well, just got home tonight .... with my new Roma in a chocolate brown and a python wallet. The prices in Euro were 50% that of the Canadian dollar (though our dollar is now about $1.32 to the Euro, so of course it's not really fifty percent cheaper, but still considerably less...)

    By comparison, the Roma in Toronto is priced at $3800 or so, and in Rome it was 1900 Euro. The runway python bag that was done in both read and green retails for $12,000 here and it was 6,000 Euro. So.... terrifically tempting and I only wish I could have bought more! But it's my first BV and I am so loving it....

    And yes, the striped club duffel is a men's travel bag and it's quite large. Not too practical as an everyday thing but lovely to look at nonetheless!
  11. Oh, congrats, Mistikat!!! Please share pics of your gorgeous new goodies! Isn`t it great to get such wonderful pieces at a good deal?
  12. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: wow! great haul mistikat! congratulations!!!

    picture and action pics too please...TIA! :flowers:
  13. I hope you got to visit the BV outlet sale that's also in Italy! Congrats on your purchases!
  14. Congrats on a great haul mistikat! Please post pics! :yahoo: