Bottega presale

  1. Hi,everyone
    I just went to Bottega shop to pre order a light red hobo bag org $1680 and now 50% for $840 not bad at all.The SA she is so nice she let me pre order and pick up on Monday.If you like you can check with your local bottega shop for pre sale and I think they will open to plubic on Dec 3.Hope that help.:tup:
  2. Did you see any carmino red bags on sale by chance?
  3. Carmine is carried over to the next season, therefore, will not be on sale at BV boutiques. But maybe Neiman or Saks will put them on sale.

    ACA - the Camel intreccio Club Stripe duffel will be 30% off!
  4. thanks for the info! do you know what other styles are on sale?
  5. hey uclaboi, thanks for the tip... now all i have to do is to make sure the hong kong bv stores are on sale when i arrive this fri... i'm so psyched up i can barely sleep! :choochoo:
  6. I believe the green azzardo deerskin bucket bag, camel bags, Ombre (shaded) bags, Stripe duffles, old ball bag, lizard knot clutches scala and corallo will go on sale, as far as I know Carmino (except in the ballet flats) and Ferro will not be going on sale. Unfortunately the sale in the UK doesn't start till Xmas but I'm sure some of the other ladies have spotted more styles on sale!
  7. aca when u were in HK last time, did u happen to see any of the Landmark bag?
  8. thank you syma!!! :heart::heart:
  9. wow, good deal
  10. This may be the oddest post u guys may have encountered....I'm actually a guy...trying to buy my mum's 60th bday present. I know bottega veneta is the ferrari of lady's handbags...and she did express interest in this brand in the past. By chance I found this forum today...and I found out about the presale. I called the shop and they basically told me that all blacks and browns never go on sale. I guess the next best option is blue (my mom has a beige coat and I'm guessing that that's the next best color). My mom is 5"2...and she can't have anything too I'm begging for some recommendations. She is conservative and will not go with a flashy color (red, yellow)...Thanks in advance and plz help a poor guy out. If you could recommend some sale items I would greatly apprecaite it. Also I live in Chicago...and I'll be going to the store tomorrow to check it out.....
  11. jesoon, welcome to our little corner of the world! You are not the first guy who has come on this forum for advice, and if there's one thing we are good at, it is helping other people spend their money!

    If your mom is looking for conservative and neutral, I would suggest camel (beige). It is the only color other than blonde (light almost cream color) that fits your bill and is going on sale. If she likes slouchy bags, I would say the veneta which is a hobo shape. If she likes some structure to her bags, there are several tote bags; I have heard that the nebbia (ombre) tote bags will be going on sale (I will try to find a picture). I think you will find something in Chicago that will make your mom happy. You should also check out Saks and Neiman Marcus as they sometimes put the classic brown and black bags on sale when BV will not.
  12. Well, I found a picture of a camel campana which is another hobo slouchy shape. Neiman Marcus has a camel veneta and tote on their website, and has the camel nebbia basket tote as well as a taller camel woven tote. Hope this helps with the color!
  13. I heard that the old ball in ebano will be on sale!
  14. Wish I still lived in a city with a BV store!
  15. Thank you very much for the pics and recommendations. I checked out the site a bit more carefully and called the store once more. My first choice is the campana...but the problem is that one is not on sale except for the more flamboyant colors (such as green pink etc).

    I also like the new ball bag but that one is also not on sale...(gee isn't it surprising that the ones you like are never on sale....).

    However I found the medium veneta on sale (in noce, ebano (I think), and nero(I think)) but they said there is some wave pattern on the front of the bag. I'm getting some pics sent over via email so I'll see what that looks like. It seems that this model isn't listed on their website......

    In the meantime can anyone tell me if there are any nice models that AREN"T listed on the bottega site? Apparently there are some models that aren't shown.