bottega or YSL?

  1. Hi, gals and guys:

    I want to buy a bag with camel color or walnut color and came across of these two bags. One is bottega bag and another one is YSL "mombassa like" bag. Which one you think is best buy?:flowers:
    bottega.jpg YSL.jpg
  2. YSL definitely!
  3. Bottega leather is the most luxurious leather ever used...feels like butter and the weaving is all done by hand....
  4. bottega for sure!
  5. Bottega. That's the new bag i've seen Aniston carrying around this week, no? (in black of course!)
  6. Chloe, do you have the dimensions on the Bottega bag? Is it around the same size as the YSL? I saw a similar Bottega bag (not sure if it was this exact one), and it was HUGE. I'd be happy to weigh in with my opinion, but want to make sure I'm commenting on the right bag first.
  7. They are both beautiful, but I would choose the Bottega.
  8. I think this one is that huge one for $2690.00. It is about 19" cross and 16" tall.
  9. i like the bottega best
  10. I like the BV, but I do think it is the huge one.
  11. I agree, BV! But as long as you are ok with the size...
  12. Bottega is class....
  13. YSL Mombasa is a classic.
  14. Both bags are very nice. If you have the money I will pick BV due to the detail workmanship, leather etc but YSL is a best buy but also classic bag too!

    Chloe, what happen to the red Segur MM?
  15. Having tested out both of these bags in person, I have to say I'm not crazy about either of them. I loved the Bottega in its display case, but once I picked it up and started playing with it, my opinion changed. I am a fan of huge bags, but this bag is just too big. Since the leather is soft, the bag gets very saggy. It would be pretty hard to fill this bag up on a daily basis, so there most likely is always going to be a lot of empty space in the bag. And since the bag is not structured, it won't hold any shape. The craftsmanship is gorgeous, and the detailing is divine, I just don't think the bag looks impressive or chic when it is flopping all over the place. Perhaps you do carry a lot of stuff with you. In this case, I think the bag could/would work.

    As for the YSL, I don't like the color; it's kind of bland to me. I do like the dark chocolate brown bag in this style, but the tan color doesn't work for me. I was very close to purchasing this bag in chocolate brown, but the filagree handle held me back. The handle is quite shiny, and I couldn't decide if I wanted that much bling on my shoulder on a daily basis. I like the size of the bag better than I like the size of the large Mombasa (XL Mombasa remains my favorite), but in the end I passed because I wasn't completely comfortable with the gold handle. Back to the tan...I don't think the color of the bag really suits the gold filagree handle. The handle is beautiful and it should stand out, and on the tan I think it kind of blends in.

    If you are comfortable with big bags and don't mind the potential for sagging if the bag is not filled out completely, I would go with the Bottega. If you don't mind bling on your shoulder and the mild merging of the tan color with the bling, I would go with the YSL. And if you aren't completely sure about either bag, I would take a pass. Both bags are fairly expensive (especially the Bottega) and with all the new fall bags slated to come in the following months, I would hold off on a purchase. Good luck.