Bottega on Sale at

  1. There is this bag that Im dying for and Neiman Marcus has it going on sale soon but I dont have an active Neiman's card or American Express. Does anyone know if Saks will be having a sale soon? Also, does anyone know if accepts other credit cards?

    bottega red.jpg
  2. I don't usually shop at Saks, so I don't know, but I've seen that bag and think it's really nice. Love the Carmine with the shading.

    Hope you can find it on sale somewhere!
  3. Is the bag available at If so, I think you can use Visa/MC on the website.
  4. You can use Visa at the Las Vegas and Hawaii stores.
  5. ahhh, I tried this one at Saks NYC a while ago and loved it so much!! I don't know about their sale schedule, but I have used my VISA at before. good luck!!
  6. Love that bag! Too bad I'm on a ban, or else I'd be tempted to get this bag on sale! I'm pretty sure you can use other credit cards on and in stores.
  7. Its on sale on the Saks site at the moment
  8. The Club Stripe Montaigne in Ebano/Camel/Nero is on sale for $2500. Someone get this bag!!!
  9. there was a napa umbria intrecciato tote too (so gorgeous)! too bad it's sold out!
  10. that's a nice bag
  11. I was cruising the Saks website and saw the ballet flats on sale in ebano and nero--large sizes only, though.
  12. I did not see any ballet flats..........Are they gone already?? So fast. I need size 38.5. Is that considered large size? I hope it will pop up again.
  13. ^ballet flats in camino is on sale and you can call up your SA to locate a pair for you :yes:
  14. Thanks, catabie & minkyy11. Will definately call. This is one of the 2 items on my Christmas wish list. If I can score the Ebano flats, then I'm half way to the destination!! I'm in CA, so I can order from Nordies in other states with no sales tax?? Or because Nordies are everywhere so I still have to pay tax? Anyone has experience?