Bottega newbie with questions

  1. Hi guys! Being a Choo girl I'm new to BV, but I have always loved the look of the woven bags as well as the super soft leather. :love:

    So here are my questions. Is this bag on eBay the same bag that Reese is carrying in the photo below?

    Also, is the eBay bag a good price? And what are your opinions of this bag if you have it?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!! :tup:
  2. Hi! Good to see you here. The bag Renee Zellweger is wearing is the large Veneta in Nero(black). the eBay listing is for the same size/style/color. If it's authentic, it's an alright price. The authenticity code number confuses me. If you post this on the "authenticate this BV...." thread, others will chime in.

    The Veneta is a wonderful bag, drapes to your body, lightweight, super-soft leather, sooo comfy on the shoulder. It's just a great bag.
  3. Thanks boxermom! I posted the eBay bag in the authenticate thread as suggested.

    DOH! :push: I just realized that I keep referring to Renee Zellweger as Reese Witherspoon! Well, there goes my SAG card.... :p
  4. The seller is an authentic only MyPoupette seller and has a pretty good reputation with many TPFers. The pics look good to me and she has a double money back guarantee.
  5. Welcome here. I have a large veneta in Nero just like the one RZ has and absolutely adore my bag. it's soft, versatile and simply the best hobo ever made. The bag will carry you through the day and to the night. i say go for it. good luck!