Bottega lovers : Other designer bags you like

  1. Seeing that most (if not all) BV fans have such great fashion taste and style, I was wondering what other designer bags do you own or covet.

    I personally am a great fan and owner of several Tod's bags (and shoes too :p ). I do like Chanel (notably the 2.55 bags) and of course top on my list is Hermes (Birkin to be exact. Alas, I have yet save up enough. One day, baby, one day, very soon... :graucho:)

    Would love to hear from all of you. Thanks. :yes:
  2. I LOVE Balenciaga and have seven of those wonderful, smooshy bags.
    I am beginning to covet Chanel classic flaps, preferably in red.
    I also have two beautiful Hogan handbags that have buttery soft leather.

    Good thread, thanks for starting it...
  3. I love Carlos Falchi bags. I am attracted to the workmanship and the sumptuous leather. Some have incredible detail, weave and stitching. Probably why I like Bottega bags so much.
  4. H (Hermes) is on top of my list as well. Once u move to the 'orange' side, it's hard 2 reverse back. I also love Chanel, BV, LV, Balenciaga, Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Ysl, etc. I may not carry other labels bags often (I've been carrying H bags 4 the past few yrs), but, I love their RTW. Chanel is not about bags only. BV 2o.

    My favorite wallet right now is BV and I use it 2gether with my Karo, LV pomme' le cles & H birkin.
  5. I like Chanel and LV epi
  6. Faithful to my "B"s - Balenciaga and Bottega.

    That's still more than I can afford for now anyway :shame: Chanel and Hermes seem so distant for now :p
  7. I like the Chanel classics, less trendy MJs, simple YSLs and of course the smooshy leathered Balenciagas! So basically, they all share the same theme-not flashy and no logos.
  8. I love my Hermes, but I am thinking about a BV soon.
  9. Yes, the one common trait I seem to notice about BV lovers are that they like classic, non flashy-in-your-face and logo-less bags! :yes: :yes:
  10. I adore my Baleciaga bags for the same reason I love BV: unbelievable leather and understated style.

    I also have a Botkier and a Gryson that take their regular turns in my rotation. Again, fabulous leather with great workmanship and understated design.
  11. I guess I'm the exception to that other love is Louis Vuitton's monogram canvas!

  12. Interesting thread, I look forward to reading the answers and already find I can relate to what has been posted...

    In general I like Mulberry and French designers like Vanessa Bruno and Gerard Darel.

    Out of my budget is Hermes which is the Graal for me! :upsidedown: I keep my eyes on auction sales in Paris and will definitely consider buying one in the future. Right now it would be insane of me to "go there"!

    I also really like Tod's but somehow none of their bags ever just "clicked" for me.

    What I look for:
    - quality, i.e. amazing material and durability
    - classic shape, that i won't get bored with in 6 months
    - underrated class, no in your face logos. I would feel really weird wearing a logo bag.
  13. i like balenciaga, chanel, some celine bags (well, mainly the boogie), some ysl and mulberry ones and some hermès. my chanel bag does have a logo on it but my arm covers it most of the time.
  14. ^^EXACTLY! I like BV and Balenciaga for those SAME two reasons.
  15. Other than BV, I love LV, Gucci, Chanel some of Christian Dior. I like to put variety and spice in my bags.