Bottega Large tote fringe?? VQ340

  1. Hi I am almost new to Bottega bags.

    I had bottega wallets, and I love the quality!

    I saw this QV340, the fringed? tote...

    Does anyone have any model shots? I'm afraid of the width for it being too big....

    bottega QV340.jpg
  2. Hi! I've sen this bag IRL and it's really nice but it is wide if you want to wear it over the shoulder. But the Sloane is too wide for me so maybe I'm too fussy about how far a bag sticks out.

    I don't know of any modeling photos, but if anyone has one they should see this question soon and post a reply for you.
  3. Thank you! I love the fringe on the edge but I'm so not sure about the width!:smile:

    I love the fact that it is a big bag though!