Bottega large Hobo owners - help please with bag size and my height

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  1. Hi all. I may be able to purchase my dream bag, a large woven Hobo (Big Wave to K) :yahoo: and I would like your opinion on its size compared to my height. I am 5'8 and like medium to large bags but I am not a fan of the oversized bags that can be mistaken for hand luggage. Do you think this bag would compliment my height. If you have any pics of you carrying this bag, Id love to see them.

    thank you so much :smile:
  2. I don't own a BV hobo, but according to the BV website, it's 20" wide.

    I'm 5'8, too and my Tiger Hobo is about 18" wide and I could easily wear a bag 2" wider, without it looking enormous; so unless you're very slightly built, I think it would be perfect for you.

    Also, the softer and more slouchy the bag, the bigger you can go, IMO. :yes:

    I'm sure boxermom and Marly will be able to help you more, though! :biggrin:
  3. If you are 5' 8", I think the large hobo would be perfect for your height. Do you have a store near you that you can try on the BV hobos, both the medium and the large? I really recommend trying them on because it's a very different look at first. It will seem very wide and almost boxy at first, looking even "larger" IMO, but as you fill it, it will take on a complete different shape and droop a little, which I think is nicer. Then, it will just get softer and softer... Here's a picture with the large hobo:

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  4. You can see that it's not as large as the braided deerskin tote, which I feel falls into the oversized bag category.
  5. The large hobo will look perfect on you--at 5'8" you can easily handle the size. As chloehandbags said, you can go with a bigger bag when it's unstructured. The BV hobo is "slouchy" and gets softer with age, so it doesn't seem as large as it's measurements. I don't have a pic, but I have a large BV hobo and I'm just under 5'6".

    If you get it, I hope we can see some pics! We don't get to see nearly enough BV's here!
  6. The large hobo looks SOOO great!!

    What colour do you have it in, boxermom? What colour are you planning to get, bunny?

    Def want pics! :yes:
  7. Thank you all so much for your advice. I love reading any reviews/opinions on BV bags.

    Thats what I thought also, as its a slouchy bag, it may not look too big when its on. Especially since the leather seems to be so soft.

    It looks really nice in the photo you sent Marly. Its true that there are not enough pics of BV bags on the Forum, for people like me to drool at :smile:

    I am hoping to get it in chocolate, fingers crossed. Will definitely entail to post pics if I do manage to get it.

    Big thanks to all again as the advice is so helpful.
  8. ^ No problem! :biggrin:

    I'm sure you'll love it. :yes:
  9. Ooooh!!

    Choccy... :drool: Pics when you get ya bag!
  10. I know, I cant stop looking at website pictures of the BV choco bags and drooling. :love:
  11. ohh i wish u get tht bag!!! it will look gr8 dont worry!! the new fashion trend is now super size me bags chack the ELLE Accessories its like every where there from the new channels and more so i think ull blend in with it perfectly lol oks..

    fashion is the key to showing ur personality!!
  12. Thanks Loveit. It just was that I never really was a fan of giant bags. I much preferred medium to almost large but not gigantic. But Ive been reassured by everyone now that the size wouldnt be too massive with my frame, plus its slouchy too, something Ive always wanted. :yes:
  13. How exciting- I love new BV bags. The large hobo is still on my want list and I had the same concerns as you with the size so make sure you post a picture. Congrats!
  14. My large hobo is sort of turquoise or robin's egg blue. I've been using it in spring/summer. It's very different for me--I used to be a black or brown handbag carrier only. There's an entire rainbow of colors out there! The color is probably similar to Marly's avatar.
  15. ^^ That bag on Marly avatar is just gorgeous!!