Bottega from nap--what leather???

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  1. i liked something from NAP which on the bottega website says it is made of nappa leather but nap says it is leather when i asked them whether it was nappa .has anyone bought bottega from nap and if so any idea about the leather???
  2. I thought that nappa was a description of the tanning process which means a smooth finish as opposed to a suede. Intrecciato must mean the woven leather. I have heard from an SA before that the woven bags are lambskin but I can't find anything on my bag that indicates the type of leather. I suspect that if they don't say that it's calfskin but I can't say for sure.
  3. nappa is a soft leather made from unsplit lambskin ,sheepskin or kidskin ,tanned with alum and chromium salts and dyed
  4. Well you learn something new everyday thanks.:smile:
  5. Whatever Net-A-Porter call it, if it looks like the same item as the one on the BV site, it will be the same item.

    The item is both made from Nappa leather and is 100% leather, afterall; they just aren't always too indepth in their descriptions. :shrugs:

    If it is unauthentic, it will be the first unauthentic item from NAP I have ever heard of, so far. :yes:
  6. thanks chloe i tried to pm to thank u but it is full:idea:
  7. As far as i know, NAP only sells authentic items. Don't worry.

  8. No problem uma! :flowers:

    Sorry about that! :Push:
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