Bottega Fans!!!

  1. I am dying for a Bottega bag! I look longingly :love: at them all the time on Do you have one? Which is your favorite? These are mine...
    NMV7266_mp.jpg NMV7269_mp.jpg
  2. oooh i love those!!! both of them!!! i saw the cocker IRL in brown and black, they are so soft. i haven't seen the bronze one yet. but i'm a fan of BV even though i don't own a bag. i only have a clutch/cosmetic case and the leather is super soft too...
  3. I dont have one, but I have seen them in stores. I love love the second one. It looks super in black too.
  4. i saw one yesterday it looks like you second pic but the one i wan has like this flower/vine print embossed all over the was sooooo nice i can't stop thinking boiut it`
  5. I love the second one :love: I'd sell a kidney for a ball bag in orange :P
  6. I have the cocker in navy blue...ahh..gorgeous. The leather is's a very easy bag to wear...not really a shoulder bag though. More of an arm bag. Although the bag has gotten softer and kind of sags in the middle so you could sling it over your shoulder for a short time.
    cocker_1.JPG cocker_3.JPG
  7. I have that hobo one on the right in the large size and a brownish/reddish/purplish color from 2 years ago. It is the best feeling bag I have ever just want to lay your head down and use it as a pillow! The handle feels great in your soft.
  8. I saw your clutch when you posted- adorable! :amuse:
  9. Greenie- I saw your pics when you posted them with your new Jimmy Choo! I love both. :love: Is the color blue more realistic in the first or second pic?
  10. I like the hobo BV in that hazelnut color (or is it bronze?) best. I saw the cocker bag and it's a beautiful bag! Both are gorgeous bags and you can't go wrong with either one of them. Good luck!
  11. I have the woven BV bag.. with embossed flower. I wanted to sell it before and i changed my mind. Luckily i decided to keep it.
  12. Me too !! :shame:
  13. Ball bag in chocolate would be luscious!
  14. i have few pieces of BV bags: red woven intrecciato w/ grommets, baby bottega w/ suede in orange and an all leather yellow baby bottega. next target would be a light tan or a choco brown hobo :smile:
  15. It's more real in the second. The first the flash lightened it up a bit.