Bottega FALL colors?

  1. I love my Violet BV wallet so much - just that little snap of color is nice to have. I know that the violet and pink were spring '07 9(cruise?) colors - but when do *new* BV colors come out? Not until the fall?

    When will they debut and do we know yet what they'll be?
  2. I'm sure someone else knows more, but probably the fall things will start appearing early summer? In the Chicago store, things don't all come in at the same time--they drift in over a few weeks.

    The fall colors include a blue, blonde, carmino (a lipstick red), camel, a pink that has a salmon tint (I can't think of the right word). Those are the ones I remember from the trunk show.
  3. P,
    hows the blue? dark blue? light blue? what style did you see the blue in?
  4. ^^Ooo - what shade of blue?
  5. ^^I'd love a lipstick red BV wallet!!!
  6. They had no sample bags in the blue like they did the red and camel and blonde. It wasn't a powder blue; from the small sample in the look book it appeared to be a medium blue--more a sky blue than royal blue. It was a very nice color.
  7. P,
    can you describe this blonde color?
  8. ^^ this thread has me :drool: :drool: :drool: . . . I am in love with my neutral bags but would adore a pop of color for the Fall . . . I am trying to be "good" for a while so when I see something amazing from BV for the new season I can indulge without guilt! :nuts: thanks for the color info., it is good motivation for me to save my $$$.
  9. ^^I know. I need to STOP buying anything if I want one of those Jumbo Veneta's and a colored accessory.
  10. OK, I'm doing this from memory and you know I'm an AARP member. It's a neutral very light creamy beige. Not like platinum blonde, and not ivory.
  11. those colors sound really nice. can't wait to see them IRL.
  12. I'm going to the trunk show on Tuesday and I'll do another color report. :smile:
  13. If you can get to a BV boutique, the SA's can really help you with the colors that are coming.