Bottega dust bag

  1. Wondering if anyone knows when the Bottega Veneta dustbag changed from dark brown to the current lighter brown version.

    Thank you!
  2. mine is light brown and i got my bag in july '04.
  3. In 2005 I bought a BV that came with the dark brown dust bag. In 2006, both purses that I've bought have had the light brown ones. I got them at the Chicago boutique. Maybe some shops got the new ones sooner?
  4. Yes, I thought this was a very recent change. The purse I bought a few months ago actually came with a dark brown bag. I was shocked to see the lighter brown dust bags in the stores recently....

    Thank you!
  5. ooh that's weird.. maybe it depends on the size? mine was definitely light though, and i got another light one when i sent it off for repair this spring. it's the large hobo so maybe the smaller ones might have had different dustbags? oh i don't know :confused1:
  6. my two bv hobo and tokyu bag both comes with dark brown dustbags
  7. When did you purchase those bags?
  8. Bought BV cabas shopper last year at HK and its dark brown
  9. mine is a 2005 and it's a dark brown
  10. Got mine in late 2005 and it is Dark Brown too
  11. I think it was just recently changed to light brown this year.