Bottega, Chanel, or maybe something else???

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  1. I've been looking for a new purse for months now. I'm so indecisive. I think i've narrowed it down to a Bottega that star has ( dark brown with the bright blue suede interior) or the classic beige jumbo Chanel caviar. do you girls have any other suggestions?? I almost bought the LV mary kate cabas....... but backed out because i can't decide please give me so ideas!!!
  2. i think the bottega is a great choice - beautiful bag!
  3. bottega!
  4. I love the Bottega, but I feel that the Chanel may be a more classic piece. If you have a lot of more formal-y type bags, I'd definately get the ball bag !
  5. Both are really lovely, but I like the BV better.
  6. I think Ayla's right. If you have alot of formal-y type bags (liked that:lol: ), go for the ball bag. I just pre-ordered this one and my sister in law just received hers in NUT color, it has the turquoise interior too. It's from the RESORT COLLECTION. My HAZELNUT pre-order is from the new spring collection so I don't know what color the interior will be.

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  7. I so want one of those Bottega ball bags. They're just gorgeous.
  8. Thank you so much girls, this really helped me make my decision. I'll be going out this weekend to pick it up. I can't wait!!!!