Bottega + cashmere = happiness

  1. Who said money couldn't buy happiness?
    I was pretty happy the day this arrived. :love:
    BV leather and cashmere; a pair made in heaven!

    (sorry for the kinda pointless post...i just wanted to share this picture my friend took of my bag after we came home from dinner)
    limo sloane & cashmere SM.jpg
  2. woo bellini they are both beautiful! Congratulations!
  3. Congrats! Enjoy them! BTW, is the color Limo?
  4. It's very elegant - speaks to what BV is, I think! Really beautiful - thanks for sharing.
  5. awww, they look so cozy together. lovely lovely, thanks for sharing!!
  6. Love your sloane, it looks great with your lovely scarf!
  7. Definitely a lovely portrait! They do go well together.
  8. oh wow..that looks nice! is that a limo sloane? it's so beautiful....
  9. BV and cashmere...a match made in heaven. Love the color of the looks like a light gray?
  10. aw, thanks, dervilfal, uclaboi, mistikat, Mid-, Syma, Bunkie, LLANeedle, and catabie.

    yes, it is a sloane in limo, but it looks lighter than it is IRL. the bag was sitting underneath a yellow incandescent lamp, and flash was used, so the color looks much lighter than it really is.

    have long loved designer handbags but very new to tPF. i've been admiring/drooling over many of your BV beauties, and wanted to share my baby. :smile: thanks for the accolades.
  11. just beautiful...:love:

    welcome to the BV sub-forum...your limo sloane is such a beauty :heart:

    congrats bellini! :flowers:
  12. such a beautiful bag
  13. Welcome and thanks for sharing your gorgeous sloane. The cashmere scarf looks so warm and cozy :girlsigh:
  14. Wow, bellino! My 2 favorite things (ok, chocolate is in there)--The colors are perfect together and both are so soft!

    Great photo.
  15. Welcome to tPF, and the BV subforum, bellini! :flowers:

    Your Limo Sloane is GORGEOUS, and who doesn't love anything in cashmere? :p Yums!