Bottega Card Case

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  1. I’ve never ventured into Bottega territory, I’ve always been an LV lover —but I spotted a Bottega bag on the street and I was like “omg that bag is so stunning.” Low and behold, I download Farfetch and like many youtubers who rave about that online store they’re having a 15% off site wide. I spotted this card case in the yummiest red! And I’m not one who even likes color but this card case already has my heart. Does anyone have this? How do you like it? This one is leather and the one on Farfetch is lambskin. How does the leather hold up? Do I have to baby it? Card case too big for daily use? I still feel like it’ll slip into a jacket pocket or jean back pocket. Never had any items from BV so any tips are appreciated! IMG_5714.jpg IMG_5715.jpg IMG_5716.jpg
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  2. @thisonce, I don't have this, but it looks like a great little accessory. Practical and beautiful. If you slide it into a jeans pocket, you may pick up some dye transfer from the jeans. That is my only concern with getting red. Now, if your jeans have been washed a ton of times and no longer release any dye, then you might be ok there. I've always been able to slide 2 cards in each slot of any BV wallet I owned, so this is especially attractive to me. Great for grab and go! Let us know if you do get it. I never baby my items, but then I do expect some corner wear and patina development.
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  3. I ended up purchasing this last night and snagged the last one. Will reveal once it arrives. Cheers!
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  4. I have this exact card case! I bought it in the color "brighton" from the BV online sale in spring 2017. Love it. It's super practical and holds so much. It fits perfectly in so many bags. It is my go to accessory for my Chanel square mini and other smaller bags as it allows me to carry all of my usual cards, a little cash, and still have room for my phone, keys, lipstick, etc. Just a great little item. I hope you love it! Oh, and I have used it on trips and tucked it into my pocket on occasion and the leather has held up really beautifully. It has softened ever so slightly but no dings, or scratches, or worn edges yet.
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  5. I have this too but in calf leather. It is so functional that I think it is a wallet on its own. I'm positive you will enjoy yours!
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