Bottega Canvas Shopper for daily use?

  1. Ok, so my boyfriend did a fantastic thing and bought me the canvas shopper I've been wanting for my birthday and I love love love it! :love: I usually change bags weekly (or at least I try to :p) and I was wondering, do you gals think this bag is too big for daily use? I do have some pretty sizeable bags but this one is bigger than my biggest LV Cabas Mary Kate bag. Has anyone used it as a daily bag?
  2. I have a large canvas BV tote, but sad to say, haven't used mine at all yet, just because I'm lazy. If you like large bags, there's no reason you couldn't use it for a day bag. Otherwise, save it for travel, shopping trips, the beach, etc. Nice taste your bf has!!
  3. Happy belated birthday! And how sweet of your bf to buy you a BV bag that you've been wanting for a pressie!

    Do you have a pic of it? That would make it easier for us to comment if it would be easy to use/ suitable for everyday use. :yes:
  4. Congratulations schwinn3. What a wonderful thoughtful boyfriend! As Nymph mentioned, pictures really help.
  5. I have a large sardegna tote in Limo with the braided thick ebano handles.
    I've never really used it yet but I'm sure it will come in handy someday soon.
    Probably also when I have a baby it would be a perfect diaper bag.
    I think it's great because it's so low-maintenance and yet good to have.
  6. Thank you so much ladies! I do have the best bf. :biggrin: Well, I have a picture of the bag, but not of the bag on me. If it helps, I'm about 5'0", 95lbs., a small girl haha. When I look in the mirror with the bag, I fee like it might be too big but sometimes I think, "well why do I care?"...I always end up confusing myself. :p
  7. Oooh!!

    I always love me some BV pinks! That tote looks easy enough to be an everyday bag, and the bright pink will def pop against jeans and the likes.

    I'm a big bag girl, so it's always the bigger the better for me IMO! :p
  8. I agree with Nymph, it looks great for everyday, and the pink is wonderful! Happy birthday!
  9. Thanks a lot! I love the color, too. He said he was originally going to get me the lighter pink but got this one because they were sold out of the other, and I'm so glad! It's my first BV bag. :biggrin: Thanks so much for your input. :smile:
  10. Enjoy it, and hopefully this is but the beginning of your BV collection! :smile:
  11. Actually, I'm thinking of getting this bag as well! Let us know how you like it!
  12. Definitely good for everyday! Congrats, welcome and your BF is another keeper, so sweet!

    p.s. Glad he didn't get it in Magnolia (lighter pink) because then it wouldn't have held up as well as an "everyday" an owner of a Magnolia, trust me!