Bottega Cabat vs. Hermes Bag?


Jun 20, 2006
Hi ladies, I need help!

I tried on the BV Cabat bag for the first time in Hawaii and LOVED it:


But it is around 3000-5000 depending on size. I really like the softness it is slouchy and has an open top.

HOWEVER I am also saving up for another Birkin in the well as maybe a Lindy. If I got the Cabat bag I'd have to give it up. What do you ladies think of the bag? Should I go for it or just wait for another Hermes bag?? Thanks :heart:
The bottega veneta cabas is a great great bag, and I had to face the same dilemma a few years ago, hermes won and here are the main reasons.
Craftmanship:BV cabas is handwoven:love: but seams are machine made:yucky: , whereas H bags are hand stitched. I think that for that price BV could give us handstitches as well.

Leather: I personally looove BV leathers, but that said H leathers are superior:drool: for what's regarding quality selection etc. So BV is just the second whereas H never looses the first prize.

Ageing:We all know H bags age exceptionally well, and I can't say the same thing about BV bags that tend to show wear much more:sad: . This probably happens because their very soft woven skins have raw edges, and I have seen some of these bags belonging to some friends showing some darkening within months (just like lambskin for H, but H doesn't use raw edged lambskin for bags, only small accessories).
For this reason if you opt for BV I would advice very dark colors
In my mind if I spend that amount of money on a bag, I want it to last.

Refusbishing:H does it, I am not sure BV does it, but I believe they don't :wtf: since I've had some stains on some woven leather boots and when I asked for some help they said they provide no service of that kind.
So once again if I spend that much I like the idea Iìll have some service:Push: . Some H bags in some leathers can be refurbished to almost new, and I like that. I want to buy something special.

Style: I like better H birkin and kelly:wlae: even if I think BVcabas is great.
Cabas pros are you can wear it on your shoulders and it's lightweight. But it doesn't close, and this can be an issue sometimes.
H bags are heavier, generally meant to be carried with your hands or on the crock of your arm, but they close and we are all sure their style is a neverending classic.

This is what I think, but that's just me, and all in all I am maybe just not rich enough for a white (amazing) BV cabas :hysteric: !
Hmmmm.....I've seen the same bag, Kat in the store in SF. I think I'd have to agree though with didn't make my heart flip though so I'd personally pass in favor of another Hermes.
I am a fan of BV too! I have a couple of BV bags. I think the craftsmanship is excellent. However, if I'm going to pay $5,000 for a bag I would choose an Hermes bag. IMO it is superior in quality. The most I've paid for a BV bag is a little over $2,000. I'm not sure I'd spend too much more than that for BV.

I have both birkins and the med size cabat. I really like it. I was hesitant to buy it at first given that I could probably get another birkin or at least a kelly out of that bag but I still went ahead and bought it. It is a very, very casual bag, much more so than the birkin.

When do I use it? I use it when I think that where I would be going and what I'd be carrying would be too much stress for my birkin.

For traveling - it is both good and bad. Good because it is insconspicuous (sp?) light, easy to pack and quiet hardy. Bad because it is open. The only thing it has inside is a zippered pouch.

I had water spilt on my cabat and after it dried, I couldn't see any trace of the water spots. I really load up my bag when I am carrying the cabat so it does what it's supposed to do for me.

Overall, I would say that if you are in a zero-sum game situation, I would choose the birkin.
I totally agree with trama turgo. In terms of long-term use, refurbishability (is that a word?) and possible resale value you get more bang for your bag with Hermes. I think for a bag with a $$$$$ ticket you have to factor in these aspects.