Bottega bracelets?

  1. Has anyone seen these in a store somewhere? What are your opinions on them and does anyone know the price? TIA:flowers:
    img49506042.jpg 857_0l.jpg
  2. I've seen them in the stores and they look gorgeous. I think Uclaboi has the one in the 2nd pic. I do know that they are pretty expensive for what they are, the silver one in the second pic without the leather is £580 in the UK, so that gives you a rough idea on price range.
  3. Hi, I saw these while in Hawaii. Unfortunately I did not get a price on these particular ones, but saw one similar to the black, silver one....all woven silver with a hinge type opening. All the bracelets were gorgeous. The all silver one I saw was $540 USD. Uclaboi might know more, he seemed to have quite a few. :smile:
  4. Thanx you Syma and Olympia :flowers: I'll check out the Boutique this weekend :yes:
  5. gorgeous bracelets!!!
  6. I :heart: BV bracelets, but only have 1 that was a gift - like the 2nd one in the pic you posted, except that it's wholly silver, with no leather part. Def check out uclaboi's collection. He's got a few!
  7. The first bracelet is from last year's Resort collection. I know BV boutique had the Parma color ones on sale. I don't know if it's still avail.

    The second bracelet comes in 2 versions. The one pictured, with 2 woven leather sides and silver in the middle. The other version is the opposite, with 2 silver sides and leather in the middle. I have seen them in Ebano (brown), Nero (black), Bianco (white), and Old Petra (lilac/brown) colors. Sizes come in S, M, and L. They should still be available at the BV boutiques. They are priced around $500.
  8. uclaboi, is the silver actually woven, or is it just cast to look that way? Thanks!
  9. Thanx uclaboi! I managed to get the 1st one in brown and a similar one to the 2nd but without the gap and in silver :yahoo:

    Does anyone if Bottega does repairs? (the silver one I got was 2nd hand so the closing part was slightly broken) Do they charge a lot?
  10. The silver is actually woven.
  11. Did you get the one that is fully woven in silver? Nymph and I both have that one. I don't know how much they'll charge for repairs.
  12. I'm truly amaze the silver/hardwares are actual weaves and not carved. I have no idea how they are made but its incredible to me.
  13. Thanks, uclaboi! ms piggy, I've been told that silver is more difficult to work than other metals, even though it is softer by comparison than gold or platinum so yes, I think weaving it is a feat! The next time I am in a city with a BV boutique, I will have to look at one. And since I love jewelry, something tells me looking may not be enough. I'm not a big fan of the John Hardy silver pieces but the BV ones are super elegant and well made...
  14. bottega jewelry, both the really fancy stuff and the more casual designs are really very special. I'm trying to avoid an addiction to the jewelry too!
  15. Weaving leather and metal together?! I am speechless. BV truly is a weave master.