Bottega Ball Bag <== try saying that three times! haha

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  1. I was at Harrods 2 days ago and I walked passed the ball bags section like I always do to get to the Fendis ... but this time I stopped to touch teh bags .... THEY ARE SOFTER THAN ANYTHING I HAVE EVER TOUCHED IN MY LIFE!!! Probably THE softest leather EVER!!!
    What kind of leather is that???? The white ones are to DIE for!!
  2. I want an orange ball bag :love: I'd love to see the white, too, I bet it's gorgeous.
  3. Bottega Ball Bag
    Bottega Ball Blag
    Bottega Blall.......aaaaahhhhh crap!
  4. b.......all....abla..................seriously...who names these things?????!
  5. oooh...previous BV virgin here too! i touched one for the first time yesterday and it was like aaaahhhhh....sooooooo soft!
  6. Sounds beautiful. I haven't actually touched one...
  7. I would love to have one. You are right it is the softest and best leather I've evr touched. This bag in brown is on my list for this year as well. I think it would make a great x-mas present.
  8. I love the shape of the ball bags, and bottega leather is so soft ! I'd like one in brown, I was won over by the contrasting turquoise interior, so pretty !
  9. Yeah, I :love: BV! The quality is amazing. It's probably going to be my next bag purchase, unless I can get my hands on a large powder Celine Clandy.

  10. Me too!!!
  11. oooh, now i really want to go to the store and feel it for myself! sounds divine!!
  12. I just saw the white one a few days ago and its definately nice but with all the woven leather what would you do when it gets dirty!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh
  13. believe me it is devine!! the leather is amaizng!!!!! I swear the SA was going back and forth between me and another customer and eyeing me in a wierd way cuz i was just touching the leather :S ... but it was aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
  14. BV is just amazing :biggrin: I love the ball!
  15. I'd love one in brown, too. Seems very classic. Too bad their price and my pocketbook don't see eye to eye. :sad2: