BOTTEGA ball bag hobo vs. Veneta hobo

  1. I PROMISE this will be my last BV post (we really need a BV forum, don't you think!?) -

    anyway, I was almost sure that I wanted the Veneta but then I saw the Ball bag and realized that it was the BV bag I had seen before and loved. From what i've heard the Ball has a divided interior (love to see photos of this!) while the Veneta is just one open space. It also appears that the Ball has a longer drop than the Veneta.

    both are beautiful bags, but i was hoping someone could provide me with a little more info on the differences between the two hobo models.

    I'D LOVE TO SEE PHOTO'S too if anyone has some.

    thanks sooooo much!!!
  2. do a search on the thread "Bottega Veneta Ball". It was posted just recently. I put some photos on there of my ball and of me wearing it. Also the BV website has the ball with an interior photo of the bag. The ball has a large zippered pocket as well as four side pockets. The Veneta only has one large with a small zipper pocket inside. The ball does fit better under the arm. I like the ball better. Its bigger and the best part is all the pockets.
  3. :yes: yes please!
  4. We do need a BV forum!

    I don't have a ball bag, but the compartments sound good. My only complaint about the Veneta (hobo) is that it's one huge interior and sometimes hard to locate things. (of course, I could use a couple small zip bags to get organized, but I haven't)
  5. ^^That's why the ball bag appealed to me. I like that it has pockets and compartments. Perfect for organization!!! (can you tell i'm trying to talk myself into this one! haha)
  6. I have the ball bag and I like it much better than the hobo because of the 2 little compartments and the bottom is flat so the bag can sit.
    I'll make pics later so you can see the compartments and how much it fits.
  7. ^^That would be great Tanja. Personally I think i'd prefer the compartments - it would be more organized. Can the ball bag hold a lot of stuff?
  8. Go for the pockets!
  9. I'm also leaning towards the longer "drop" in the handle. It seems like the veneta is flatter and sits right under your underarm.
  10. Here are the pics.
    In the little compartments I put keys, cell etc and in the main compartment wallet, agenda and make up bag, sometimes I have a paperback book with me and there's still room left.
    I'd recommend to get the ball bags as it's so beautiful and comfy and honestely the nicest bag I own.:yes:
    BVinnen 001.jpg BVinnen 002.jpg BVinnen 004.jpg
  11. ^^Thank you for posting the photo's Tanja! :flowers:

    So there's a main compartment in the center (with the zipper) and then little "slots" on the outside of that?
  12. Exactly :smile:
  13. So true. I love how easily the Ball Bag fits under my arm. Has a long strap drop. I love the little pockets too- I put my keys in one, my cell in another...
  14. I love BV spring 07 bags a lot. The new pink bags are so gorgeous.
    I do agree that we need some other designers' forums or maybe mods can make them sub-forums in this Handbags & Purses forum?

    (suggestion for designers: BV, Jimmy Choo, and...what else?)