Bottega at the Natick Collection

  1. New England is about to get a Bottega store!!! I was watching a local news program that was featuring the new mall in Natick Ma called the Natick Collection and I saw a Bottega sign flash by. I looked online on the mall's store directory and sure enough saw that Bottega was coming soon. Lots of new luxury stores for the western suburbs of Boston plus the first Nordstrom in Massachusetts. It would make my day if Nordstrom or the new Neiman's also carry Balenciagas so I wouldn't have to rely locally on Barneys.

    no, my week, my year.

    this is AMAZING news. (then again, I just hope everyone and their grandmother doesn't start carrying BV around here.)

    anyone know when the opening date is? I may want to make some purchases quickly before I won't have the whole no-boutique-in-my-store = no tax thing...
  3. lovely, lovely!
    whats the location of the Nordstrom that carries BV? is it in boston??

  4. The Nordstrom is at the Natick Collection, the newly expanded mall in Natick MA, but Nordstrom didn't have Bottega handbags. The mall will have a Bottega store, the first one in Massachusetts.
  5. so apparently this boutique is open now... I had no idea!

    anyone been? any reports?
  6. I was just there today and it is a beautiful store!!! They had many things on sale before Xmas and just a few left today. The girls there are very knowledgeable and super nice. They still have shoes and rtw left, all 50% off... bought a gorgeous pair of ankle boots.
  7. good thing the mall is open tomorrow... I may just have to trek out there!

    thanks steffibp :flowers::flowers:
  8. The BV store at Natick Collection is beautiful, and better still, I found the sales associates to be extremely helpful and friendly. I am thrilled they are there. When I was much younger and BV was not as fashionable as now, they had a store in Copley place in BOston. I still have my first bag from there!!! Anyhoo, the store closed after only a few to have a BV post in the Boston suburbs is fabulous. Now they just need an Hermes out there;)
  9. Wow, I am SOOO jealous! I highly doubt the Buffalo area will ever get a BV store....there are definately NOT enough high-end shoppers around here. There isn't even one in Toronto, the nearest big city. I guess I can hope that eventually Toronto will get one....I'd love to be able to browse on a regular basis!