Botox for pain management

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  1. I am just curious if anyone has ever used Botox for pain management. I have an appointment with my pain management doctor in two weeks.
    I have had a ton of injuries in my life (I did 7 years of competative gymnastics, worked as a professional tumbler/acrobat, was a competative bodybuilder and powerlifter...all very hard on the joints!) I have had both of my ankles shattered, numerous reconstructive surgeries, blown discs, degenerative disc disease, osteo-arthritis and due to my job (hairstylist) and the repative work I do my neck is really torn up!I have constant headaches and my arms go numb. I've tried SO many things I can't even begin to tell you so I don't need input on other treatments cuz I'm gonna venture to say.....I've tried it already!! But I'm now going to try Botox in my neck and trap areas to relieve the pressure. It's a fairly new approach and I've only known one other person to try it but he had wonderful results. My doctor says it's a more advanced type than the one they use for cosmetic uses. Has anyone else ever tried it?
  2. Come on guys, help a sista' out here! I guess I'm going to be the one gettin' it and being the guinnea pig around here, aren't I?Then I'll be the one trying to answer everyone else's fears about it all!! Great....the things I do for you people!!!:roflmfao:
  3. Have you tried acupuncture? Maybe that'll be better.