Botox as a preventative?

  1. Ok Im young 18 (and a guy) and i swear i have my 1st wrinkles popping out. I have never used sunscreen in my life and rarely moisturize. I have olive skin and i hate the texture of sunscreen so i would never get sunburn when i went out in the sun for extended times and so i never thought twice about it. p.s. wearing sunscreen daily wasn't big until recently mind you, natural tans from the sun were much more accepted and the effects weren't that researched.

    So now that i know better and see the effects I'm wising up and starting to do it all and take better care. But i have faint wrinkles on my forehead and i really hate them. Whenever i tell anyone i want botox they go crazy and say i will end up plastic in 10 years, I'm really scared i will get addicted and that will happen. I do want to look natural but i want nice youthful skin too. The new trend is preventative botox which makes sense on paper, preventing/delaying wrinkles by getting it early. But if botox wears away after 4-6 months then that doesnt makes sense? wouldn't i make it worse as the skin will be slightly stretched when filled with botox and then loose elasticity when i wears off and develop more wrinkles? ATM i cant afford it anyway but in a few months when i find a full time job (with luck) i will save for it. Tell me your opinions and what you know girls. TIA.
  2. ahhh I am not sure any professional doctor would treat an 18 year old with botox :sad:. Your skin is at its peak! please dont even think about it at the moment and save your money. I am all for preventative when you are in your late twenties or early thirties, but even then, alot of people will be saying you wont need it yet!! ;)
  3. I would just start with a good skin care system and that means sunscreen! I just started using neutogena dry touch lotion. Not greasy and under $10.00. Save the botox for later when you really need it.
  4. Start using a sunscreen now. You can never be too young. Also, try frownies. They are great. They retrain your muscles so you don't wrinkle.
  5. at 18, you can still turn your skin around! as other people have posted you should start wearing sunscreen everyday! not every sunscreen has a greasy finish, so look around for one that works for your skin.

    also wear sunglasses as often as possible, esp when you're driving during the day. even on a clouded day most people tend to squint because of the bright light. this will cause wrinkles on your forehead and between your eyebrows! big & dark sunglasses help!

    IMO you should wait with botox! try sunglasses and sunscreen. when you turn 25 you can think ybout it again. not saying, 25 is when you should start using botox!
  6. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!
    Plus a good retinoid product -prescription or OTC- can help to prevent and repair any damage you may have accumulated too.
  7. Hi naughtymanolo,I know you are in Australia so I understand where you are coming from regarding tans etc.

    I don't think Botox is what you want, nor have I heard of it as a preventative for wrinkles.

    Why not try wearing sunscreen from now on (a nicely textured one like Megan Gale) and invest future money in oxygen facials and light microdermabrasion or salicylic peels?

    I think these methods will be more effective on fine 'lines' (I bet they aren't full-on wrinkles!). Also, make sure you aren't dehydrated or living by a heater this winter because these things can dry your skin and make it look lined.
  8. Thanks for all teh advice guys, I'm going to hold out on the botox for a while longer and start doing all the things you suggested ill find a good sunscreen , get a facial every now and again and try frownies! and OMG i have had the heater and AC on every night its been freezing! i guess its time to put it away and pull out the blankets!