Botox - Anyone done it?

  1. Has anyone ever had it??? I have some questions!
  2. Sure, PM me.
  3. oooh! I always wanted to hear how people like day..soon..I will need it!LOL!
  4. I will tell you, if you have someone do it who is good, it is pure genius. I really don't agree with these people having "Botox parties" as it is still a sterile medical toxin and needs to be injected by a MD or a RN under the supervision of the MD.
  5. I had it done a week ago...Im so amazed by the results its WONDERFUL. My eyebrows are forehead is smooth and my crows feet are gone! It just feels a bit strange, as it should...but I love it. I only wanted to see if others had the same feeling in the beginning.
  6. come one has had it????
  7. Maybe I am the only one who will admit it...hehe
  8. LOL I was just thinking it really something to be ashamed of??? I think not.
  9. not yet.....but if need be...I probably will in a couple of years....
  10. Oh, rest assured I have engaged in behavior much worse than getting Botox:angel:
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  11. I dunno, something about Botulism Toxin kind of scares me...:shocked:

  12. Not to worry. The dose is quite low. And, last week the first long term Botox study came out, patients who had Botox 12 years ago and continued to inject q 6-12 month, no bad side effects, etc. And the study was not funded by the pharm company that makes Botox..
  13. im 16 and i swear to god im getting wrinkles!! everyone asys they are expession lines but i dotn agree they werent theere before, i want botox tofix them, i use anti-ageing creams but i cant see any difference! i heard it best to get before you have really abd wrinkles so it stops them from coming in gener al? what do you think
  14. I would suggest you use sun block daily and wait a while before you get anything. And it is very unlikely you have wrinkles, it is normal to have some expression/ smile lines on your face. :yes:
  15. Out of curiosity, what is the weird feeling? is it a restriction of movement?
    I'd do botox later in life, but I have some weird clausterphobia, so if that's the case it would most likely drive me crazy.