Botkier's spring line ( love it or hate it)

  1. OMG, Botkiers spring line is soooo cute. First is the black Bianca bag, the only thing i don't like about it are the two front pockets, they look like boobs to me.hahaha but other then that I love the length of the shoulder straps and the structure. The other one is the Ecru East west satchel, seems like everyone is doing a east west theme this season. It reminds me of a b bag yet not too much. and I love it doesn't have the side pockets of the clyde. Please give me your guys's opinion on these. I can't decide whether to buy.
    TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY????:wacko:
    eastw-ecru.jpg the bianca.jpg
  2. hmmm now that I've been looking at the two , I don't really like the white one anymore. But the black one still looks appealing it also comes in tan. there is a picture of a model wearing it on Bergdorfs.
  3. Lol, we found the new spring line at the same time; I just posted it maybe about 30 seconds earlier. Great minds think alike. :amuse:
  4. I like the east west, there is also a new adorble clutch/wristlet too!
  5. I really like the East West bag which surprises me since it's so much like the Clyde, which i didn't care for.