BOTKIER's Cherry Rose Hobo

  1. can you post the satchel too

    i really realllllyyyy like the hobo i think more (from what i remember of the satchel pic i saw!)

    and that cherry is a pretty color, ,i am still curious what this
    Metallic plum is :smile:

    but i feel like i want one of these hobo ones cant wait for it to be somewhere with a discount code ;)
  2. I think I like the Hobo more too. If the specs are correct on these sites...
    The satchel is 695 (BG) and the Hobo 635 (Nordstroms)
    The Satchel has a 6.5 drop length strap and the Hobo 11 inch drop
    The Satchel is 16.5 x 9 x 5
    Hobo...15 x 10 x 7
    Yep, I think I am liking the Hobo best but like you, I am waiting for it to show up on a site I can get a discount. Botkier isn't even showing them yet!

  3. o yea i like the hobo way better cause i llike that the straps dont cross across the front

    i feel like the rose is enough detail and the straps crossing over the front is too busy in the satchel,,
  4. I think the hobo's nicer too! Personally, I'd go for the cherry. The picture definitely makes the other look more like a burgundy.
  5. I just saw the "Black Rose" Botkiers at Nordstrom today -- they are so beautiful!!!!! All the colors are great! The metallic colors are not glitzy, and are very neutral. The cherry is gorgeous!!! The hobo is larger than the satchel, and I thought it was more comfortable on the shoulder because of the drop length. The hobo closes with 3 magnets, and the satchel zips. I hope to snatch one up when they go on sale sometime somewhere....
  6. the hobo is amazing! the cherry color is gorgeous and i am sure the metallic plum will be equal in gorgeousity..(made up word!)
  7. Hey guys!!! New Botkiers are up on Active Endeavors. I just ordered my Metallic Plum Hobo. The color depiction really sucks so check out the pics on Botkier for a better idea. I've been waiting for this so I could use a code. 25% sorry25 didn't work but 20% reesy did. I'm so psyched!

  8. so lexie what was the total may i ask with the code and all :smile:
  9. It was 502 or 503. It had free shipping too. I would like something from the Bryant collection too but I will wait till I see a sale or maybe even eBay.
  10. How was the cherry? Was it more of a darker shade, like a burgandy?
    I wish they did the satchel in cherry.
  11. Omigosh, that's TDF! I've been jonesing for the LV neo cabby in black but I might have to get this instead. Is this the right code: 20%reesy?
  12. No, it was simply reesy. I'd try sorry25 first just in case it might work but it didn't for me. There is also a toutie for 20% and a Grechen for 20%.
  13. ok, i have been lusting after the black rose hobo in the metallic plum and came across this thread...does anyone have a code that will work at activeendeavors? i tried the 20% reesy, but it says that the coupon has expired or is invalid. :sad: i love the color and have browsed other sites, but nordstroms and the botkier website are the only other ones i see with this particular bag, and none of them are having any discounts right now. please help if anyone knows anything new! thanks so much!!
    i'm pretty new to this website, and to the obsession of handbags, but my collection has started off with a bang! i'm waiting for my jimmy choo mahala to arrive (hopefully today!!) :yahoo: and i'm carrying around my city balenciaga which i got free shipping and no tax...and love! thanks to you all at tPF, i'm also waiting for my HH Inka in white that was an absolute STEAL!
    obsessions are a scary thing...!
    anyway, i digress! anyone have any discount codes for the botkier black rose that you could share??
  14. Are Botkiers heavy?