1. I had a Botkier Trigger bag, and I thought it was so heavy I returned it. I loved it, but there was no way I could carry it day in and day out! I was knocking it into people in crowded restaurants

    Does anyone agree? Am I crazy? What else is better?

  2. I love big bags and I just got a Trigger myself but haven't carried it, but it is the same size as most of my new bags.
  3. Oh my gosh..if you think the Trigger's heavy...the Chloe Paddy is worse! ha ha! I'm using my Trigger today.

    I think the Trigger is not as heavy as the Stirrup though...

    How about a Kooba Lucy or Renee? Those are pretty light.
  4. The Trigger is heavier than a canvas or fabric bag, but it's leather, it's to be expected. I got used to it pretty quickly.

    Of course I used to own a Marc Jacobs Blake, which I sold for being much, MUCH too heavy. The thing is made of nothing but heavy hardware, leather, and suede. The only fiberous material was in the thread stitching it together. It was a beast. Kind of put me off MJ forever.
  5. There is a Hayden Harnett Hobo that is pretty large and looks very light wieght and comes in several colors.
  6. If you think the trigger is heavy, the clyde is worse. BUT i still love it. hehehhe