1. hey..i was just looking at and stumbled across the botkier handbags and fell in love with the bianca was wondering if any of you ladies have it and what you think of it Thanks!
  2. anyone? your comments and opinons would really help!
  3. I've always wanted to buy a Botkier but I don't know how to pronounce it.

    Sorry I know this doesn't help you at all.
  4. I don't have a Bianca, but in general Botkier bags are really nice. I remember a few people were obsessed over the Bianca when it first came out, so maybe they will chime in.
  5. lol alice...i dont know how to pronounce it if anyone can help me with that too that would be great!!
  6. It's pronounced "bot-key-air"

    I have a Turbo Trigger in hazelnut and I :heart: it, but I don't have a Bianca. I've seen it at Neiman Marcus though....drool.
  7. I'm glad to have the pronunciation cleared up- I was pronouncing it "bot-key-ear"...oops!
    I am not too familiar with the Bianca, but have the Stirrup and love it (the leather is nice and smells amazing :smile:
  8. the bianca has very yummy leather (soft and smooshy). can't really go wrong with any bag from botkier
  9. i don't have one but it looks sooo yummy :P
  10. I don't have a Bianca but I have a Fan hobo and the leather is gorgoeus...really soft! It's very well made.
  11. I have a Black Bianca (showed in my Avatar). It is so squishy and soft. People do claim the front pockets look like deflated boobs but I don't mind. This bag is lighter than the trigger I had so I am much happier with it.
  12. I never liked any of the Botkier styles until I saw the new Bianca range - the colour and quality of production is fantastic and a HUGE improvement from previous seasons. I compared the current season toffee with a previous season pink at the store and there are quite a number of differences such as the finished edges on the tassels ect....I think they must have changed factories or something. The leather is really fabulous especially for the price.....I dont usually buy mid-priced bags but i made an exception with this will not regret it!
  13. wow!! thanks for the info jadejett

  14. You're very welcome! I got so much great help from the members here and I'm glad I can do my little bit to help. Let me know if you purchased anything! :wlae: