1. I just purchased the Emily bag by Botkier (attached).

    What do uyou guys think of it? I wanted a bag that I could use relatively often and this one seems functional, comfortable, and cute! The color is metallic champagne (as pictured)... doyou think the color is "too much" for every day use? Can it border on tacky? I love champagne but I don't know about the metallic (although it's more shimmery than out right metallic).

    One more question- in general, do you feel that up-and-coming designers like Botkier and Kooba are nice and worth having? Or is it better to save a bit more and splurge for the classics (Chanel, YSL, Balenciaga)? Marc Jacobs and Chloe kind of fall in between I think...

  2. I think that Botkier and Kooba are designers on the rise. I like the bag "style" and the leather on the Kooba's are lovely. I think the color champagne is lovely and good for everday use. I used to love black bags but now I am trying to stay away from them since they can be "dull" at times. I personally am not a metallics fan because I do feel they are a bit too much.

    To answer your last question, if it was up to me I'd spend a few extra hundred to buy a LV, bbag or Chloe instead. I sometimes find Kooba/Botkier designs to be a bit generic. Btw, what do you mean about Marc Jacobs and Chloe being a "fall between"? Thanks, and I HTH! :flowers:
  3. You know, I think it all depends on your opinion. i have bags from Botkier, Kooba, the smaller independent designers and bags from Chloe, Prada, MJ... Love them all. I do find that I end up using my botkier trigger more for everyday use as it's so functional, looks, good, and holds up well to abuse (LOL)

    The bag you got is a lovely bag. I think the color makes it stand out, but isn't too loud and should work well as an everyday bag.
  4. Thanks for the responses :yes:

    When I say Marc Jacobs and Chloe are "in between", I feel like they are just a step down from brands like Chanel but have more status than the currently rising designers mentioned. I'm not saying they are inferior in terms of quality, design, etc (the things that really matter).

    But they don't have as much history as say LV. When I think Balenciaga I think of Jackie Kennedy. When I think of Gucci I think of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Marc Jacobs really gained popularity in the 90's which isn't too long ago. ANyways this is just the perspective of a regular gal, I could be wrong :P
  5. I think it's all a matter of taste and what you want your bags for. If you want the status or if you want functionality and personal fulfillment. Koobas are my favorite bags. No one around me has ever heard of them but it doesn't matter to me. I love the leather and designs and I use them everyday. I used to have a Gazillion Coaches but ended up never using them. But everyone knew when I was carrying one.
    I have one Botkier in Metallic Black. Love it but it will probably be my only one. I had a Metallic Luxe I sold because I didn't care for the pebbly leather and the heft of the bag. If you like Metallic, go for it. I Love anything sparkly. And I tend not to care what anyone else thinks.
    I don't have an LV and won't. Won't pay big bucks for Canvas. I do love Chloes...and Mulberry's. I just haven't gotten to them yet.