1. i'm obsessed with the botkier stirrup bag in twilight. has anyone purchased this bag online? if so, any: (1) reviews of the bag and (2) reviews of the site through which you bought?

    any sites to watch out for?
  2. Wow, I just came upon one of these when I bought my Nisha the other day from this site. Look at the tremendous price reduction. I just called in my order. It was so easy. Sorry I have no knowledge of the bag itself tho.,804.htm
  3. thanks! so jcmadison is a reputable website for designer bags? have you used it before?
  4. pbi - but there's a 20% off code for jcmadison: grechen (although i'm not sure if it's good on sale items, but you can definitely try!)

    i find the quality of botkier to be very good, i have a trigger.

    eta: i had almost that exact bag (that's on jcmadison) for 24 hours - i found it to be kinda heavy (that pebbled leather is heavier than the smooth leather i have), but i LOVED the style. that's a FAB price for it though. i paid $750 for mine before i took it back.
  5. Hi, there:

    I don't have a twilight stirrup, but I have a buttercup stirrup. I have to agree with grechenscloset that the stirrup bag is quite heavy as the pebble leather is heavy. However, it's not terribly heavy. :lol: I don't mind it as I love the style of it. It looks really cool. I love the twilight color & was debating between buttercup & twilight for a while. I pick buttercup because I think it stands out more for that particular style. However, Twilight is a very unique color too & can be use all yr long. The leather is good & thick. It will slouch even more when I put my things into the bag. If you can get one with more studs on (instead of only one stud) , it will look even better. Like this >>>>>>>[​IMG]
  6. I just got my Kooba Nisha from Madison today. I only ordered it 2 days ago by phone. Awesome bag, impeccable packing, Obviously authentic. My thanks to Tori agian for posting the JC madsion link. I'll post some pics of it soon. I got mine on a really nice sale and someone said the 20% off code didn't work on sale items. That Twilight is a gorgeous color.
  7. Ohh..I saw that exact bag on sale at not too long ago. Maybe keep checking back?
  8. I think it's a beautiful color.
  9. thanks for the info, HappyAngel! i totally agree, the more studs the better =)