Botkier with silver hardware

  1. Do any come with such? Or are they all made with gold hardware??

    Is the gold hardware overpowering on the medium satchel?? Like if I have on silver jewelry will it look crazy and mismatched?? Just wondering...thks
  2. Botkier does make some bags with silver hardware. It depends on the color, style and season. Personally, I don't think that hardware has to match your jewelry, but it is a personal preference.
  3. Botkier makes most of their Biancas with silver hardware right?

    I don't like gold hardware, if it's too prominent I feel like I can't wear silver jewelry and I don't really wear gold jewelry.
  4. If you go onto the Botkier webiste (, it specifies which colors come with which hardware. Some of the Biancas do come with silver. Also, they don't make it anymore, but last year's Sasha Satchel in black had silver hardware, if you can find one somewhere. Hope that helps!
  5. I know that certain styles, colors, and seasons come with Silver Hardware. My Botkier E/W Trigger Satchel in Ecru has silver hardware, for example. It was purchased last winter.

    I wear more silver jewelry and I know I shouldn't care about matching but I do feel funny when all my hardware on shoes, bags, and jewelry is mismatched.
  6. I know several Biancas came with silver hardware but only a few come with it each year. I know denim and gunmetal in previous seasons came with silver. The brown for the current season also has silver hardware on the Bianca and the Bryant.
  7. I know the fan hobo has silver hardware (the black one, at least).
  8. I have the Bianca in Gunmetal, it has silver hardware. I LOVE IT:heart:
  9. hi shoegal i would love to see your gunmetal bianca-- i am thinking of getting one, but i cant pull up any images online- can u send a pic??

  10. My bone Bianca has bronze hardware and black Sophie has gold.
  11. AE is still selling a medium bianca in gunmetal :smile:.