Botkier website sale

  1. Does anyone know when they will post their sale bags from this season?
    I keep checking..but no luck.?
  2. Is it just me, or is the Botkier website not user friendly? It seems to lock up on me after a few queries.
  3. The word on the street is January... :smile:
  4. I agree. I don't like it at all.

    I do wonder if they'll put up sale bags though too. They had some really impressive prices at the sample sale from posts here.
  5. ^ That is a fantastic deal you found. I wish I liked the bronze... or maybe that's a good thing. Saving money!
  6. I think that bronze is beautiful! I just don't like the rose!!!
  7. The rose is removable.
  8. FYI: I spoke to Botkier in early December and was told that the online sale will begin in early January. Also, the sales will not be as good as what was available at the sample sale and the discount will not be over 40% off.
  9. ^ That's so disappointing. :tdown:

    Thank you for the information, cathymd!
  10. What a pain!
    Botkier needs to get with the program. I used to be very loyal to their brand but have become very disappointed with the way they've handled things since they've grown.

  11. Maybe they were just telling you that because they wanted you to go to the physical sample sale? I don't know. It does make sense to not have SUCH huge cuts as they did in NY because those NOWHERE close to the northeast would pay extra $$$ just to get SOME form of a discount.