Botkier Warehouse Sale 50-80% off

  1. see pic
  2. UGH! DH is going to NY that weekend and I can't go because I'm 8 months pregnant! :blink: This is soooo unfair! I want a Bombay tote!!!!
  3. gosh i wished i lived in that area! darnit! ughhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. What state is that in?
  5. ^ New York
  6. ARRGH! I wish I lived in NYC :smile:
  7. Blah they should open one in LA....
  8. oh my gosh, I want one.. who is going to the store> can we get some pics of whats on sale? anyone kind enough to do this for us? thanks..
  9. is there any way to find out what mehtods of payment they will accept at the sale?
  10. Is anyone going there?
  11. I'm gonna try to go after work friday

    but it'll take me probly almost 2 hrs each way
  12. I wish I am in NYC right now!! Anyone see a gold Bianca, please lemme know!!!
  13. OMG. I went at 2pm...most were sold out and due to be replenished tommorrow. Tips:

    GO EARLY at like 11am when doors open and hang around for replenishments.

    Wanna see the Botkier booty?!

    TA DA!

    2 giant skeletons in ivory
    the lexi in ocean
    1 poppy stirrup and
    1 tote in metallic army

    They take credit card. Replenishments are in the morning and around 5pm.
    Have fun!
    botkier 003.jpg
  14. I heard they don't have enough bags to last til Friday so try and get there Thurs early! Lines were long and you pretty much grabbed what you could and then trade for the ones you wanted!
  15. Sleepyjae, What were the prices on the skeleton?