Botkier Venice Satchel in Naked --- erm...


Jul 19, 2009
New York City
i've seen the naked venice bags at the botkier store in nyc.. they don't have any of the scuffs or marks that are shown in your pics. but that's probably because they just sit on display in a store protected from wear and tear. i'd expect your bag to look like that after a few weeks of wearing outside so it may be a moot point in the end.

either way, it's a beautiful bag and shape and maybe if you treat the bags with a leather protector and conditioner it'll help?


Jul 13, 2007
I have the venice feed bag in naked. And I know for a fact its brand new (Still had paper ext on it)

The reality is the marks and dark spots are part of this leather. Mine was worse (I use that word lightly) than yours marked up wise. And it will only get more!

Its untreated vachetta leather.

Its the style, and I like it, but knew that going into the ordeal. But I thought it was fairly obvious.