Botkier Venice Satchel in Naked --- erm...

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  1. Well after a very long wait (see for the long story) I have finally received my first Botkier bag ...

    And well, I'm not so sure about it.

    While I love the shape, the design etc... I'm not 100% sold on the leather. Just wondering if anyone else owns this bag in Naked and if its meant to be like this? I wonder if the bag I received has been a "return" because it has a few scuffs and also small dark marks though I wonder if this is just the bag itself because its all over (the marks, not the scuffs!). The leather seems to be thin and wrinkly - in some panels, yet smooth in others. It makes me wonder if I was being overly harsh with some of my RM bags!

    I don't do returns to overseas retailers (I'm based in Oz) owing to a very very bad experience so words of reassurance would be greatly appreciated!!! Pics to follow...
  2. Here she is from afar:


    But up close the leather in the middle is smoother compared to the wrinklier portions on the side...


    Some of the Scuffs and Marks...

  3. Close up of the crinkly...


    Colour wise I do like it... not sure about all the marks though, but I guess it will get dirty with use anyway. I dunno... if it weren't for the scuffs I'm sure I'd like it a whole lot more...
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    Oh and last but not least ... comparison size pics with my current work bag - RM Morning After Bag.


    Size wise - i'd say the RM is bigger... thought the satchel fits my Sony Vaio X-series Laptop beautifully.
  5. I think it looks gorgeous. I've been wanting a venice satchel or hobo myself, so thanks for the comparison shot with the MAB. Ask LB for a discount for the scuffs, etc.
  6. I have no experience w the Naked leather, but I personally would not be happy w the marks and scuffing. I think the leather variations I could deal with, but not the scuffing. I would personally return! Sorry your first Botkier turned out like this!

    I appreciate the size comparisons! It helps a lot, the Venice is larger than I had pictured!
  7. Hi,
    I ordered the Venice Hobo in naked. I am returning it because the color actually does not work for me. But as for the leather. i think the smoother/wrinklier (which mine has as well) may be on purpose for parts of bag that will be bending etc-and I don't mind.

    BUT mine also has many small "scuffs and marks". I have several Botkier bags and LOVE the leather on them. (ie my new Logan Satchel in chocolate leather is amazing). I wonder if the naked leather has some specific production issues?

    As for Luna Boston- Why don't you show them your photos and see what they say about the bag? They are usually great to work with. The main thing though is if it will bother you don't keep it.

    If it is an issue withhtis specific bag-Maybe Luna Boston could exchange for another without scuffs etc- and check the new bag carefully before sending?

    Good luck-
  8. Hmmm....

    First let me say, I love the bag! The color and style are TDF! I think the Venice might be my next purchase.

    However, I would be upset about the scuffs. The marks I'd be less concerned about b/c you could probably remove them but the scuffs I don't think there's anything you can do. Have you contacted LB? Send them the pictures and see what they say. They're great to work with.
  9. While I think the bag is gorgeous, I would be terribly disappointed in those scuffs and markings. I would definitely contact LB and since the cost of a return/exchange is so pricey, I would insist on some sort of discount since the bag looks used/damaged IMO. I would return it but that's easy for me to say since I'm in the US. See what LB has to say, and be sure to send them the pics you posted here.
  10. I feel for you reyrey - it is such a pain to return when you are not in the US but I would definitely not settle for that condition if I bought it new. I hope that LB can help you. Keep us posted and good luck!
  11. Well, I've had a sleep and looked at my bag and carried it around etc etc. Its actually very very very light despite its size. I told my hubby about the scuffs/marks and he said unless he got out his magnifying glass he wouldn't have noticed (pffft - MEN!)

    I emailed LB about it, and it seems that this leather is truly Naked -- in the sense that it is not a highly processed leather and so will show up variations more readily. A lot of the Naked bags are fairly similar to the one I received out of the box. She's suggested Lovin My Bags so hopefully they ship out to Oz. I've already received this bag quite discounted given my troubles with the special order that was lost courtesy of the Australia Post. Will post some modeling pics later if I get the chance.
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    Yikes, that's not good... I'm not in the US, and frankly, I wouldn't settle for that condition either. Like you, when I buy bags, I generally can't/won't return them due to the high cost of shipping them back (and especially if I've also had to pay for shipping from the US), but I would seriously consider making an exception for this. Variations in leather aside (which don't look great next to each other like that, I'll admit), those scuffs and marks definitely are not worth keeping.

    I'd contact LB informing them of your disappointment with all those issues with the bag (particularly given the other stuff you've already gone through with the shipping :weird:smile: and letting them know about the return (which would likely take a few weeks to get to them too if you ship by the cheapest method, but this way they know about it in advance). I'd then see if they could give you some kind of store credit or whatever to at least partially offset the cost of shipping it back to them on your own dime, particularly given the condition of the bag and the fact that they shipped it out to you like that, with scuffs and all.

    I hope LB can help you out... Do keep us updated, and good luck!

    ETA: Just saw your update! Hmm... Whilst the variations may show up more easily, I'm not sure that that still excuses the scuffs, TBH. :s Is the discount deep enough that you'd be happy keeping it in its current condition?
  13. The variations on the leather look fine to me. I mean, it looks like....leather. Sometimes I think people are being seriously picky about leather texture. Something produced synthetically you may expect to have completely uniform texture, but not leather.

    The scuffs would bug me a bit, though, but I'm sure sure they'd bug me enough to return it. After you carried the bag for a month you wouldn't expect completely unused-looking perfection, right?
  14. I just received the venice satchel in crinkle black and there are no smooth panels at all. But it doesn't quite have the same kind of crinkle that yours does. I don't know how to upload pics yet, so I could show you a comparison. I'll try to work on it.
  15. I was debating whether to return it the other night, but the next morning I had another look and another think and I got the email back from LB and they did ask what my thoughts were. I chatted to my lovely but clueless husband what his thoughts were and he said he really liked the bag (though I think secretly he's happy that I can carry his sunnies, his camera etc etc when we're out and about in this bag as opposed to my MAC). As for the discount, I'm still debating that... while its not a 'final sale' type discount, its a significant discount given that its new season and also given that the other Naked bags are in similar scuffed/marked condition which makes me think that its this particular leather. It would have been nice to know that before I got the bag, though I guess maybe I'm the only one that's asked about it so far. I didn't ask what type of leather it was, I just assumed Naked referred to the colour perhaps?

    Well, its this thinking that has kinda made me lean towards not returning in the end... (but I still haven't taken off that pink tag that voids returns haha).
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