Botkier Venice Hobo in Ocean

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  1. #1 Feb 8, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2010
    Okay, my reveals are nothing as sumptuous and mouth-watering as Loquita's (;)), but here's my new Venice Hobo in this spring's blue, Ocean. It's lambskin, so it's lightweight and smooshy!


  2. A couple pics with my stuff in it - you can see it smooshing down already and it's brand-spankin'-new!

  3. Bad modeling pic!

  4. That's awesome! I can't say it enough, Botkier really makes a great bag, congrats!
  5. So pretty! Congrats.
  6. Congratulations! That is a pretty blue, it looked mush lighter on line. I like the length of the bag on you, looks good!:smile:
  7. Gorgeous Venice hobo - congrats! I love the colour! Is that silver or gold hw?
  8. I've always liked the Venice line, but I'm still indecisive which style to get. The hobo style looks so gorgeous on you! I kind of wanted a Venice satchel for its versatility with the extra shoulder strap, but now I don't know......and no, no, I can't get both!
  9. Ooh, congrats, fabae, that's gorgeous! :drool: IA, Botkier's lambskins are just amazing... Is the colour like that IRL too? Glad you're loving your new bag! :biggrin:

    tejava, are you more of a satchel girl or a hobo girl? Which look for the Venice design do you prefer, the hobo or the satchel? Personally speaking, I think the Venice looks better in the hobo, so that's where my vote is. If I were you, I'd probably decide on the basis of how I typically carry my bags and which style I prefer, I think! ;)
  10. That color is gorg!
  11. starkfan: I used to be a hobo girl, but after I started buying bags like crazy, I have branched out to all types of bags. That is why I now prefer satchels with the option of an additional shoulder strap. For example I love my Treesje Marley because I can wear it as a hobo most of the time, but when I need to run after my 4 year old or carry his extra stuffs, I would wear my Marley crossbody with the additional shoulder strap.

    I think I might choose the hobo on this one, because most of the additional shoulder straps by Botkier are not designed for crossbody use anyways. If I can only wear the Venice Satchel as a shoulder bag, then I should just get the Venice hobo instead.

    I try to avoid hand carry types of bags because my hands sweat badly, I don't want to ruin the handles, so I always make sure the bags I buy can fit comfortably over the shoulder.
  12. Yep, the color in the pics is pretty TTL. It's hard to capture - which is why, I think, many of the online pics make it look so light.
  13. I had a Venice satchel and now have the hobo (LOVE it). Personally I found the satchel didn't work well with the shoulder strap - it just didn't hang nicely. My two cents - but they are both gorgeous!
  14. I usually buy RM or Lockheart but have recently starting adding Botkier to my collection. I have this exact bag coming on Thursday; now I am even more excited to get it. It looks great on you.
  15. Love that bag! Perfect blue for the summer. Looks great on you too!