Botkier Turbo Trigger??

  1. Does anyone have the Turbo? Is it nicer/different than the luxe from last season. And last question, are they terribly heavy? thanks!
  2. Hi there!

    I don't own a Turbo, but I was debating buying one last month. The main difference between the Turbo and the Luxe is the leather....the leather on the Turbo was much smoother, and almost more "plush" to the touch. I believe the other difference is the zipper and definitely the inner lining. It's just an updated, sleeker version of the Luxe (in my opinion). In terms of weight, it weighs about the same as the Luxe. They are really great bags...are you going to get one?
  3. I love them, but I think they are too bulky and heavy for me!
  4. I have a Luxe Trigger, and it's not that heavy!! The right color will change your mind. :yes:
  5. Never seen a turbo in real life but as a proud owner of two luxe triggers, I have to say that these are beautiful bags and worth looking into!
  6. I just ordered a Botkier Bianca in Dusty Gold. It's a medium and here's hoping it's a tad lighter than the Medium Luxe. It has a less structured look that makes it appealing to me. I sold the Luxe simply because if it's weight.

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  7. Yes Lexie2000, it is lighter than the Trigger. It's a beautiful bag and the medium is a great size! Congrats!
  8. Thanks GGK84. I was almost going to get a large then I saw it was Humungous in inches. This medium should be just about right. Tell me about the leather. Is it so soft it scratches easily? I notice that with My IF Lambskin bag. But I am ultra careful of my bags.
  9. Oh, I was wondering about this too! For those who have seen both, which do you recommend? I've been unsure of which one to get, so I've been putting off getting one...

    Does anyone have a metallic; how do you like it?
  10. The *new* leather on the turbo bags is smooth but it scratches really easily. The original leather (which was pebbled) is scratch proof and mark proof. I don't think there's a big difference in weight at all. If it were up to me i'd purchase the pebbled leather over the smoother more fragile leather.
  11. I had a metallic Mauve. It was a gorgeous color. I personally love the Metallic bags. If only it had been smaller and lighter it would have been one of my favorite bags. I have big hopes for the Bianca. That Metallic Twilight color is also beautiful.

  12. I've just gotten a metallic bronze trigger luxe this afternoon :heart: .... the large one... & its TDF! The bag's really spacious and the leather is nice & soft... the drop of the bag's pretty long tho...I'm ard 5"2 and the main bag come to my hips almost...but other than tt...its perfect.
    Does anyone know how to take care of the leather tho? Esp the tassels...they seems to fragile... sigh...
  13. & the Bianca has a suede lining.. don't know if it's actually leather but it felt like real suede!
  14. I have an IF bag made from Lambskin and it has that "almost suede" feel, Super super soft. That's what drew me to the Bianca.
    I did however switch my order from the dusty gold one to the black. Someone in another thread said that the Gold "wears" off. So instead of taking a chance I switched. And black will be a better color choice for me anyway.
  15. Hi, I was just wondering where you got the metallic mauve because I have been looking, calling, and emailing everywhere for it. I saw it once in the store and i'm kicking myself for not snatching it up then... i lovvve that color