Botkier Trigger White?

  1. Hello, I'm new in Botkier field :smile: I saw Botkier bag and predict it called as Trigger? :shrugs:

    Anyone know if this bag has silver hardwares, too? I check eBay and found many Botkier have gold hardwares except the black one.

    Many thanks for help :smile:
    Botkier White resize.jpg
  2. It is called a Trigger, but I'm not sure if it ever had silver hardware or not.
  3. On botkeir's website, the trigger has gold hardware and there seems to be no option for silver hardware. I can't tell from the picture... does the bag you posted have silver or gold hardware?

    that doesn't mean it wasn't offered previously with silver hardware, only that it isn't now. I'm not en expert in past season botkiers... just someone who loves them.