Botkier Trigger - where to find?

  1. I know it's sort of an old "it" bag. But I've only seen it for the first time last week on this girl, and the bag was gorgeous!!!! Now the thing is, where else can I get this? Aside from the website (they only have white, I want a black one) and eBay. :confused1:
  2. Botkier carries it on their website. It's one their "classics." Also you can find good deals on e-bay. Be wary of fakes though! I think some other online places have them too.

    I have (3!) of them and am carrying one right now, and I adore mine. Very handy.

  3. I have one in blaaaaaack!! hahaha i wonder if it could have been me you saw...very small world hahah anyways I love it I have been carrying it for about 7 months? I think?? It looks absolutely brand new, the leather is soo soft and smooshiee...the hardware i have had no problems with, the three separate compartments are great for organization and I put a little scarf on it so dress it up a little and its my all time favorite!! I got mine at Nordstrom when they had it for roughly $450? Around that price range...Im so sad they stopped making them...I would love the east west satchel in cognac...that color is TDF!! I hope you get one as I am a fellow black Botkier trigger owner=))):yahoo:
  4. They stopped making them?? :crybaby:I saw the white one online but I really want a dark colored one! Haha, it's probably not you, your profile says CA but I'm way over here in the midwest.

    Still...I love how the Trigger looked on that girl. Do you mind posting a picture? I need tips with an authentic one, I might be forced to get it on eBay. Does yours come in gold hardware?

    I hope I do get one really! Lucretias has three!