Botkier trigger: what color is this...

  1. I like this color so much:love: , but it's not listed for the current season on Is there anyone who knows the name of this color? And where can I get this bag?

  2. I believe that color is called Moss Green, from a couple of seasons back.
  3. Did you check under the archive section?
  4. Now that is the very first green handbag I have ever liked. What a nice shade of green. Soft and muted. I may have kept my Botkier if I had chosen a more neutral non metallic color.
  5. I had a Moss Green Botkier Clyde bag. This bag color looks a little different but I could quite possibly be the photo/lighting. If you go to & look under the archives of Spring 2005, there is a picture of the Trigger in Moss. The only way to find this bag now would be on Ebay & it's rare! PS. The leather from that season (or at least on that color of bag) is very soft & untreated. The color is gorgeous but it scratched VERY easily. Just an FYI, should you find one.;) I have 2 of the new Turbo Triggers which I love. I went a little color crazy this year (have enough brown & black bags) & got the Lime & Tangerine. I also have the Metallic Twilight (slate blue) Trigger from last season. It's the most gorgeous color. Sorry, guess I'm "Trigger Happy"!
  6. :biggrin:
  7. I agree with what Acegirl said. I had the Moss Trigger and it looked very different from that pic but it could be the lighting. My bag was much more Kermit-like... brighter and more pea-green. I'm drawing a blank on what else it could be though. Not Olive or Hunter or Fatigue.
  8. might be steel...mine is steel and it looks similar to that, but a little more muted. it could be the lighting though.

    here's a pic - it's a large steel trigger.

  9. OOOOH I love the steel. I had a steel Bowler, until the strap broke that is :cry:
  10. Thanks for the details, Acegirl. I found the "moss" on their website but it seems a little different. I emailed Botkier and they said that's the large Trigger Luxe and it's sold out, but they didn't tell me the name of that color, sigh...

    I love the steel, too!!!
  11. You could email the customer service link on the website and ask. Send the pic, they will know. I have emailed them before, and they were helpful and responded quickly.
  12. That's funny, I have had the exact opposite experience with Botkier's customer service. Sometimes they will respond in a week, sometimes never. I'm still waiting for a question to be answered I emailed them almost 10 days ago.. Botkier also had VERO end one of my Ebay listings when I was selling one my Bianca satchels, even though it was absolutely authentic. I was so annoyed! I love their bags so much & want to keep purchasing them but crappy customer service almost makes me think twice about it. :sad: