botkier trigger turquoise

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  1. My friend has sold this bag 2x. The first was a nonpaying bidder. The last time the buyer kept writing her to change his hotel address -hello! Scam! and even paypal picked up on this one first and told her not to send it. She said that maybe its a higher power telling her to keep the purse since she was already starting to regret selling it. she said she would try one more time but i am curious would you guys sell or keep? I think she should sell cause she only likes small purses but she loves :heart:the color! what to do????.:confused1:


  2. If I hadn't bought a Jimmy Choo Maddy in turquoise, I'd but this in a heart beat! She should keep it!
  3. I had this on my watchlist on eBay! It's gorgeous, and such a rare color. :smile: I agree, I would keep it if I were her.
  4. I think she should keep it -it's a fun color that's great for summer. :flowers:
  5. I am watching it. The one thing holding me back is that I own a AC jetsetter jr in the seafoam color and I think they might be quite similar :sad:
  6. Well paypal reversed the 2nd buyer as they were not legit. She put it up and said if it does not sell this time to a legit buyer - its hers for life!!
  7. My friend just reported that a 0 feedbacker just bid on the purse - why is this bag attracting all the nuts on ebay! she cancelled the bid. This is crazy- our other friend worked for botkier and she said the bag is so rare --only small number were produced. she is alramed/amused at my friends ebay travail!
  8. what a very pretty color! i wonder if it is hard to match.
  9. YET ANOTHER EBayer just won item and then won't pay ! My frined said its gorgoeus color matches everything - goes with light pink jeans etc.. Why are ebay buyers becoming such scammers lately?
  10. I would def keep it. The color is TDF!
  11. its such a pretty and refreshing color! and trigger is a classic~ why not keep? :smile:
  12. let us know if she posts again... you may have some buyers in here :nuts:
  13. that is awful! I have been selling on ebay for 5 years and never had problems like this! I'm sorry this is happening to your friend.
  14. As tempting as it may be, we must refrain from offering to buy or sell, it's totally against form rules and may get us banned.