Botkier Trigger Turbo in Black @ NM $214

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  1. Great deal! But only black's available. I thought the deep purple looks great. Hope someone gets this!
  2. warning - i just tried to buy it, and the order went through, but then i called NM b/c my online account was "temporarily unavailable" and i wanted to be sure everything was OK - and the rep said the item was discontinued/unavailable and my order had been cancelled. strange...
  3. Web Order History is unavailable right now. They probably had one bag available and it sold out right away. I jut got this bag a few weeks ago (for the same price) and it is great. I hope someone here got it.
  4. seems to still be there - i'm pretty new to such nice handbags, but this one seems like a steal!
  5. Just a heads up--the pebbled black is the heaviest of the Turbos...
  6. figured i'd take the chance and try ordering it!
  7. NM online is pretty stupid. I asked CHAT if they had that bag available and she told me that inventory is currently being updated and even the bag is shown as available, it can be out of my question is how hard is it to put "OUT OF STOCK"..idiots.
  8. so they routinely put bags up as unavailable and then randomly make them available? is that how it works?
  9. Might be returns, might be they got more in stock somehow, etc. Never really sure, but they pop up again sometimes. I bought this same bag from NM last fall. Why they suddenly have another (or a few available) we'll never know.... :smile: At a price like that though it can't be beat.

  10. see up until now, I just thought that these links that were being posted were just available on the website for all to browse. I became roused to the thought that that's not the case, I had no idea... God this forum opens you up to a whole new land of designer possibilities. :yes: