Botkier trigger question!

  1. Hi all,

    I'm strongly considering getting a trigger... it's such a nice, basic bag. Are they totally out of style now?
  2. I have both a large pink/coral trigger and a small black trigger I'm thinking off selling them both! Let me know if your interested, I think I'm gonna let them both go to a happy home together! It's gonna be a 2 for 1 special. I'm thinking,.....:huh:
  3. I have a Mahogany lambskin trigger that I bought last fall and love, love, love. I'd stay away from the pebbled leather as it is not as flexible and iseems much heavier. Also if you are contemplating the Spring 2006 edition, for some reason the shoulder straps are slightly shorter, making it not as comfortable to sling over your shoulder, in my opinion.
  4. Mine is the pebbled, and the one thing I like about it is that it wouldn't show scratches as the soft leather could. It's pretty soft...